What’s a Primal Kink?

Snarling, clawing, heavy breathing, howling – does that sound like an animal or your sex life? Hi, I’m Elaine Turner the resident sexologist for Arousr.com and I want to tell you about If that sounds like what’s coming from your dungeon, you might have a primal kink.

Primal kinks can mean different things to different people. At it’s core it’s about shedding human societal expectations and getting closer to your true animalistic self. You do what your instincts tell you to.

For many with primal kinks, there is a lot of cross over with puppy or horse play. But with primal, you get a whole world of animals to choose from that speak to you. Maybe you’re a lion on Saturday and a pig on Tuesday. Have you tried channeling your inner erotic beast?

What is involved in primal play? Sniffing, growling, scratching, biting, the struggle for dominance, chasing, physical take downs – it’s about whatever you’re in the mood for.

Whether your a Dominant predator or a submissive prey, it’s all about trust and being your most authentic self.

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