Is Erotic Hypnosis over the Phone doable?

These women are going to hypnotize you with their bodies and with their minds. They know that you can’t stop thinking about them and they’re going to use it to their advantage. You already love staring at boobs and now you finally have your chance. Keep your eyes on a gorgeous set of tits and let them take over your mind. Now you’re completely under their control and you’re going to do everything that this woman has in store for you. You can’t say no because you’re not in control of yourself. You’re at her mercy and she’s going to make you do everything that she’s wanted to see.This could be as simple as telling you to jerk off for her. There’s always a girl out there who wants to see a guy jerk his dick to her. If you’re lucky, that’s all there is to it. Other women are going to want you to humiliate yourself. Maybe you should put on a pair of panties and model them for her. Maybe you should let her know how often you touch yourself when you think about her. The possibilities are endless and you’ll just have to wait and find out what you’re going to be doing for her.Women love to hypnotize men because they finally get everything that they want out of them. You never really know what a girl wants until you’re under her spell and doing it for her. You can get hypnotized with any body part that they choose. If you like it then it can be used as a weapon against you. Just make sure that you’re ready for all of the humiliation that’s coming your way when you feel yourself start to drift off. If you lose total control then you will never know if you’re going to wake up again

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