How to Get Laid

An Intimate Interview with Chat Host Angelll

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FF: Okay. So welcome to Arousr Angelll, saying Hi to everybody. 

Angelll: Hello

FF: How are you doing today? 

Angelll: Everything’s perfect. How are you? 

FF: Great. And where are you coming from to us today in the World?

Angelll:  I’m coming from Ukraine, but I live in Hungary. 

FF: Great! Let’s get into some questions today about sex chat. You down? 

Angelll: Yes. 

FF: Okay, question number one, how long have you been into camming or sex chat in general? When did you get started? How did you get started?

How to Get LaidAngelll: Well, basically, I started when it was pandemic, but after I decided to search on it on Instagram, on the Internet, and I found this Arousr and I found it kind of interesting because I can do what I like and earn money for it. Basically from December. 

FF: Okay. December is when you started on a Arousr. 

Angelll: Yeah. 

FF: Cool. What would you say makes you specifically Angell, a unique chat host. What is it about you that sets you aside from your average lady online? 

Angelll: Well, on Arousr, I’m not afraid of showing what my fantasy is, because in everyday life, I try to act normally, like kind of shy. And on Arousr, I bring my demons.

FF: Your kinky side, your bad girl side comes out. 

Angelll: Yeah, I’m very bad, actually. Yes, I do think so. But on Arousr, they see it.

FF:  In your personal life, you explore that in the day where you would say, people think of you as, like, a good girl?

Angelll: Yeah, 

FF: Wait! I got a good one, Like an angel!

Angelll: Yeah. Actually, my friends, they call me, they always say, Roxy, I know just one angel, and that is you. So that’s why I picked this nickname angel, because all my friends call me that. 

FF: But you have a devil side.

Angelll: Of course. 

FF: Love this. You have a duality girl. That’s the best ever. Best thing ever is to be a little bit of both, right? 

Angelll: Yes

FF: A little bit of all of the above

FF: Okay. How do you handle members on Arousr who are new to the kink scene or just extremely vanilla in general? How would you go around establishing a good connection and a good vibe with someone like that using the platform? 

Angelll: Well, our conversation, which we started, I would like to make a person feel comfortable with me. And I just start with basic questions like, how are you, where are you from? What’s your name? And they start to open up like, yeah, there are actually some people. I’m new here, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how it works. I like it’s. Okay, let me show you how it is. So let’s have a chat and maybe we can do video chat and talk if you just want to talk. Because of an Arousr, not everyone wants something more. So this is it. What I really like about it. Also, I meet a lot of friends here, and if they don’t want to open, I open myself. First I talk about myself and then they catch it and open up to me. This is mine. 

FF: Yeah. That’s basically exactly how the platform works. You don’t have to be kink to explore your sexuality and you can be vanilla. And that’s perfectly acceptable. We just offer a lot more services than just vanilla or mainstream adult entertainment. What would you say basically, in your chat most experience, how many people are kink in vanilla, would you say on average? 

How to Get LaidAngelll: Well, I think mostly I talk about life on Arousr, and when I do video, it’s the Kink side. So like 90% of people, they just want to talk.

FF: On the sexting

Angelll: Yes

FF: And with video, you’re finding that’s more kinky? 

Angelll: Yes. 

FF: Okay. You’re doing more role play and things like that on video chat. 

Angelll: Yes. 

FF: But when you’re texting, you’re mostly having deep conversations with people. Nothing related to kink. 

Angelll: Sometimes I’m like a psychologist for them because they don’t want to tell who they are? But they just want to share about something with some person. And after that, they say, Thank you so much for listening to me, because I basically have no one to talk to. 

FF: Yeah. That’s so sweet. That’s sad. It’s very sad, but it’s sweet at the same time that there’s a place

Angel:  I find it sounds sweet. 

FF: Yeah. That they can have a place to have tha