Make Money Sexting with Arousr

No matter which channel you use on the platform, remember that Arousr focuses on personal connections, therefore, the longer your conversations are, the more engaging you are, the more money you earn.

How can you earn Money on Arousr

  1. Text Chat – Text Chat is, by far, the most popular service with members.  You are paid for messages you send to members while in Premium Mode.  The longer your conversations are (the more messages you send), the more money you earn.  However, since you are limited to 3 messages unless you get a reply from the member, you need to be engaging for the member to reply and continue the session.
  2. Video Calls – Another hugely popular channel on Arousr is Video Calling.  If you choose to make yourself available for video calls, you will get requests via your app or the Desktop portal for private video sessions.  Video sessions are paid per minute.
  3. Roulette (New!) – The Arousr roulette is a new twist on the classic Chat Roulette concept.  This product was built to maximize your chances of getting paid video call sessions with members.  The concept is simple: Arousr members can get 5 x 30 seconds free video sessions per day.  If they wish to extend their session with you, the session turns into a paid video call. All you have to do is launch the Roulette and chat with members.  The system will take care of the rest.
  4. Affiliate Program – You can earn money with Arousr without chatting – Just by sending visitors to the platform!  All you need to do is share your Affiliate Link (Watch Video).
  5. Voice Calls – While not as popular is it was a few years ago, voice chat is still the preferred choice for some members.  If you have a great voice and wild imagination, this may be something you can choose to do.  Voice sessions are paid per minute.
  6. Content Sales – Are you a content creator and have good pictures or clips to share with members?  You can upload them on your profile and set a price for members to vision it.  Please note that paid content must show nudity, as this is what members expect when they purchase.
  7. Tips – Members can choose to tip you if they are happy with the service.

How much can you earn

You will be paid weekly via Direct Deposit or Bank Wire, for previous week’s earnings.

What we look for in your Application

  • Be 18+ – You need to be 18+ and provide proper identification (of course)
  • Quality Pictures – We need good quality pictures and videos.  If your images are dark, grainy and so on, your application will be rejected, no matter how beautiful you are.  Need a few tips?  Watch our modeling videos
  • Show your face – We need to see your face in all pictures, so we (and our members) can be sure that you are the person they are chatting with, and not someone whose pictures were taken from some Facebook account.  If we see that you are trying to hide your face in your applications (mask, glasses, holding the phone in front of your face on selfies etc), your application will be rejected.

How Arousr Promotes you.

Unlike other platforms that require you to build your fan base, Arousr advertises and promotes you in multiple ways.

  • Advertising Campaigns – We buy traffic on various websites.
  • PR Campaigns (Ongoing) – We post our announcements weekly via Press Releases
  • Social Media – Promos and Collabs on Instagram, Twitter and others.
  • Interviews – Published on Youtube, XBiz.TV, Podcast and others.
  • Affiliates – Affiliate Networks and Chat Hosts are paid to send visitors to Arousr

Dos and dont’s


  • Treat members respectfully.  We’re here to have fun!
  • Make sure you read this page completely before you apply!


  • Use Arousr to bring traffic to your other platforms or get payment elsewhere.  All chat sessions are programmatically monitored and suspicious chat sessions are flagged.  If this happens, your account will be closed without appeal.  Why? Because we spend considerable money and energy to bring customers to you, so you don’t have to do it. If you were working in a coffee shop, would you be allowed to sell your own coffee to the shop’s customers?  It’s the same thing.
  • Share contact information with members (emails, social media accounts and so on).