The Mommy Kink

Looking for someone to change your soiled nappie? Are you turned on by the idea of breast feeding? I’ve got something to talk to you about. Hi, I’m Elaine Turner the resident sexologist for and I want to tell you about mommy kinks and why we should be talking about them more.

A mommy is usually a female figure that enjoys treating and caring for her partner like a child. Or someone who gets pleasure from a woman treating them like a child.

With a daddy kink you get guidance and protection. Mommies give you love, nurture you, and help motivate you.

What does this look like in the bedroom? Breastfeeding, being spanked, drinking from bottles, and dressing up like a child for sexy time. There tends to be a lot of age-play and humiliation cross over here depending on your flavor of mommy kink.

If you’re into a mommy kink, you might want to look into some adult diapers and adult sized pacifiers because there is a world of pleasure out there that you’ll want to look into.

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