What are Humiliation & Degradation Kinks?

Someone spits on you during sex and calls you a cumslut, does that turn you on? Or maybe you get turned on by the idea of doing that to someone else. Either way, you might have a humiliation kink. Hi, I’m Elaine S. Turner, the Resident Sexologist for Arousr. And today I want to tell you a little bit about Humiliation, Kinks and Fetishes. 

Humiliation play is a sexual masochistic experience that is an integral part of a lot of BDSM and Kink play. It’s when you’re made to feel ashamed or embarrassed or self conscious by a sexual partner based on the way that they treat you. A study in Finland showed that up to 70% of Sadomasochistic practitioners engaged in verbal humiliation regularly. For many, it’s an erotic experience. 

Some examples can be being used as a piece of human furniture, being used as a human toilet, or even just being called degrading names. But why is it so common? There are two main theories. The first is that it represents a learned behavior, like you were insulted or humiliated during development, and somehow that got tied in with your sexual identity. And in a way, it’s a way for you to regain your power from that initial traumatic experience by doing it in a controlled setting as an adult. 

The alternative is that it just serves as an escape for who you are in your day to day life. And that in and of itself, though, can be completely erotic. Stay tuned with us for more Kink education. Follow us and you can always find out more on Arousr.