What does it mean to have a Breeding Kink?

Do you spend a lot of time in the cream pie category of your favorite porn website? You might have an impregnation kink. Hi, I’m Elaine S. Turner, the Resident Sexologist for Arousr. And today I want to talk about breeding fetishes and impregnation kinks. 

Essentially, this is when you get sexually aroused or sexual pleasure from the idea or the act of impregnating someone or becoming pregnant. Typically, it’s about a man ejaculating into a woman, and it’s completely separate from a pregnancy fetish.

What it is, is it’s about having the ultimate power over another person. By impregnating or breeding them, you’re fully in control of their body and their life. In a survey of over 4000 Americans for the bookTell Me What You Want”, 30% of the participants had a fantasy about getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant. This study also found that people who fantasize the most often about pregnancy and impregnation had a high attachment anxiety or a fear of abandonment. They also may have suffered from high neuroticism or were a little bit more emotionally unstable. 

It may be a therapeutic way for you to cope with the risk of having sex because pregnancy is a very common risk of having sex. It’s a way to control your desires. So stay tuned for more kink education. Follow us and you can always find out more on a Arousr.