What does my Praise kink say about me?

Getting aroused by pleasuring your partner is one thing, but climaxing from sexual praise or worship that’s another. Maybe you have a praise Kink? Hi, I’m Elaine S. Turner, the Resident Sexologist for Arousr and I want to talk to you today about praise and worship kinks. 

A praise or worship Kink is when you receive sexual pleasure or gratification from being complimented or verbally affirmed by your partner. Within BDSM it is often being told that you’re a good boy, good girl, good slut, good whore, or getting a compliment about your blowjob. It can also come from the moans and groans of your partner’s pleasure.

Enjoying words of affirmation during sex and actually having a kinky need for praise are two different things where the lines often get blurred. For some, the receiving of sexual praise can be enough to get them off without any other sexual stimulation. 

Like most things in Kink, there’s no solid consensus about the roots. One prominent theory is that people develop a praise kink as a result of having missed that verbal affirmation or encouragement during their development. It can be a way for you to increase your feeling of self worth and for many, become a type of corrective therapy. For people who have felt sexually used or objectified in the past, this may be a way to regain your sense of lost power from that traumatic experience. 

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