What is CNC Kink?

Do you get turned on by the idea of your partner not fully consenting? Hi, Elaine S. Turner, the Resident Sexologist for Arousr. And today I want to talk to you about something that’s really common. Consensual, non-consenting sex. 

It’s the idea of being aroused by someone forcing themselves upon you or you forcing yourself upon someone else sexually. The secret here is that everyone is actually consenting. 

Between 30% to 60% of females have reported having rape fantasies or being taken advantage of sexually in their fantasies. It’s this erotic power exchange between the two people. The key here is that there is a difference between the fantasy and the reality. In reality, everyone consents in the fantasy and in the act. The person can say no, but they mean yes. That’s why we have safe words for just such an erotic experience. 

CNC and Rape fantasies are different. Rape fantasies refer to one specific act versus CNC can refer to pretty much all of the dynamics of a lot of D/s (Dom/sub) relationships. CNC and other common aspects of BDSM have been linked to personality characteristics such as excitement, seeking, extraversion, and openness to new experiences.

So if you’re kinky, it just might be an extrovert. Stay tuned for more Kink Education. Follow us and you can always find out more on Arousr.