What Is the Free Website to Chat with Naked Pregnant Women?

So, you have a pregnancy fetish. Don’t worry; it’s totally normal. Pregnancy fetishes make sense since pregnancy is so closely tied to fertility and the act of lovemaking. Those cute round bellies would arouse just about anyone. And pregnancy is often accompanied by an increase in breast size, too, which is a super common turn-on. Pregnancy fetishes as measured by porn searches have been on the rise, and a few years back, it was the 107th most commonly searched type of porn. 107th might not seem like a very high ranking, but when you think about all of the different types of porn available on the Internet, it is widespread indeed.

The technical term for a pregnancy fetish is maiesiophilia, and it has nothing to do with gore stuff. It’s also not just men that have pregnancy fetishes; many pregnant people feel sexier than ever due to the influx of hormones, thicker hair and nails, and naturally glowing skin. In fact, women are 27% more likely than men to search for pregnancy porn.

Lastly, having a pregnancy fetish also doesn’t mean that the person has a lactation fetish. Pregnancy fetishes typically revolve around the belly.

If you have a pregnancy fetish, it can be extra hard to find a free website to chat with naked pregnant women. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some sites where you can explore your fantasies with those who are expecting.

Live Porn Chat

Live Porn Chat is a cam site, that has many different channels that cater to people with pregnancy fetishes. You are asked to enter your gender, and they only have the choice between man or woman, which isn’t very inclusive. Then you can get started viewing the live stream cam shows. They have a medium selection of pregnancy cams that they tout as “HD quality.” However, the site looks a bit amateurish. So if you’re hoping for a sleek user experience, you should skip this site.


Chaturbate is a wildly popular adult site, that has a large selection of pregnant women with whom you can chat. This site is dominated by cammers who are usually performing for many people at once, so you won’t get the intimate one-on-one experience here. A few cammers do have the option for a private chat, but for that, you will pay peak prices. To interact with the pregnant folks on Chaturbate, you’ll need to purchase tokens, and you’ll likely end up spending between $2-$6 per minute.

WebCam Kink

Webcam Kink is a lesser-known site that has a lot of cammers that specifically live stream for the fetish community, and they have a robust selection of pregnant folks doing exactly that. Even better, they offer one-on-one sex chats so that you can have a more intimate experience rather than trying to interact with someone who is busy interacting with many others. You can browse the site for free but to have a private webcam chat, you must purchase credits. You can also send gifts and tips to someone after the show, to show them your appreciation. However, keep in mind that this site does air some pre-recorded shows, so you may not be interacting with someone live.

Pregnant Hookup

If you’re looking to meet someone in real life for an encounter, a good place to start is Pregnant Hookup. This site isn’t loaded with porn on their home page. So it’s slightly more safe for work than other sites, though it’s still best browsed privately. Here, you can register quickly and then browse the profiles of pregnant people who want to get laid. You can have a live chat to get to know them first, which can give you a better idea of whether you’re really interested. To use the site, you will have to sign up for a subscription which costs around $130 annually. Keep in mind that your profile will be public, so people can easily find you on this site.


Arousr is the best site for people in the kinky community, whether it’s a pregnancy fetish or otherwise. And better yet, the chat hosts here are down to explore any fantasy, whether or not they are pregnant. Plus, every time you chat on Arousr, you get a one-on-one, face-to-face, totally unique, and personal experience. You’re not a strange face in an audience; rather, you’re creating a sexy memory with someone you’ve never met. Arousr also has a sleek interface and protects your privacy so that no one will ever be the wiser.

You can get started chatting with naked pregnant women for free, too, since Arousr gives you 100 free credits to get you started. And Arousr is the only site that can guarantee that you are meeting with real women—not bots. Start Sexting on Arousr now!