What Is the Best Way to Find a Sex Chat Partner?

Finding an excellent sex chat partner is kind of like striking gold. It’s difficult to do, especially if you’re someone who is attracted to women, and it takes a bit of luck. But once you have one, you can have endless amounts of fun together. So it’s worth it to keep looking. The truth is, no matter how you slice it, there are only two ways to find a sex chat partner: in real life or online. There are pros and cons to each method, so below, we have some tips to help you find a sex chat partner.

What Is the Best Way to Find a Sex Chat Partner?

1. Finding a Dirty Chat Partner in Real Life

The easiest way to find a sex chat partner in real life is to go with someone you already know. However, this means you’re risking burning a bridge in an otherwise great relationship if they are offended by your request. But if you have excellent relationships with your exes (which at the very least means they didn’t end from infidelity, ghosting each other, or other massive breaches of trust), you might be able to find a sex chat partner there.

1.1. Send a Message

Just send a casual text that says that you know the romantic part of your relationship didn’t work out but that the sex was so good that you’d be interested in having a no-strings sex chat partnership with them. Keep in mind this typically only works if you’re on speaking terms with them and sending friendly messages from time to time. If you send something like that out of the blue, be prepared to receive the eye-roll emoji in response.

1.2. Have Patience

Finding a sex chat partner in real life that you haven’t already met or had sex with will take a lot of time. You can’t just ask your mailman or the lady who cuts your hair to send you nudes. If you are at a restaurant or bar and you hit it off with someone, they will probably want to go on a date before sex chatting. Meeting someone in real life and turning them into a sex chat partner is a long journey littered with rejection, unfortunately. But, it can be done.

2. Finding a Sex Chat Partner Online

Finding a sex chat partner online is much easier and quicker because everyone has already done the hard work of identifying themselves as people who love to sext. You don’t have to wonder—if they’re on a sex chat site, it’s because they like sex chatting. On the other hand, if you meet someone at a club, they might just like to dance. So, finding a sex chat partner online is the way to go if you value your own time.

2.1. Find a Partner

Next, you have to make sure that your partner is into the same things you are. That means laying all your kinks out on the table—rather than trying to sneak them in without your partner noticing. The more upfront you can be about what you like, the better chance you have to find a sex chat partner who wants to sext you as much as you want to sext them. You won’t have to hold back or tame your interests if you’ve gotten their consent in advance. It makes sexting so much less complicated.

2.2. Set the Rules

Also, you have to talk shop before you get started. Are there times when you’re ready for a sex chat and other times when it would be a disaster? Mention this. A good sex chat partner will respect your schedule. And let them know if you’re in a relationship or otherwise romantically entangled so that your sexy stranger doesn’t get their hopes up once they find out how much fun you are during a sex chat. Setting up some ground rules will help you avoid awkward conversations later down the road.

2.3. Avoid Catfishes

The sticky part of finding a sex chat partner online is making sure they are who they say they are. Catfishing is unfortunately common, and so are strangers who just want to try and rope you into a scam. Bots are smarter than ever, and it can be tough to discern if you’re talking to one without doing some digging. You can ask for a picture, but that doesn’t always verify someone’s identity. If you have the capability to do a reverse image search (to see if the photos belong to someone else), that will help you avoid being catfished.

3. Final Words

Arousr will help you find a woman sex chat partner in minutes. You can have a no-strings sex chat using your 100 free credits. And you’ll never worry about being catfished, scammed, or that you’re talking to a bot. The chatter’s identities have already been verified, so all that’s left is you finding someone who seems like a good match for you. See who is online now, and get started sex chatting!