What Is the Best Random Video Sex Chat App for Being Naughty?

When you want to random video sex chat, you need a site that will really deliver. Many people resort to dating apps and put something like “casual hookups only” in their bio. But this isn’t a very effective way to find someone. Most people on dating apps are looking for something serious. And when you’re in the mood for a good time on video chat, you don’t want to have to wade through long conversations with others who may or may not be looking for no-strings fun. Plus, apps like Tinder don’t even allow you to send a video. So, let’s talk about the best random video chat app for being naughty and how to pick the one that’s right for you.

4 Best Random Video Sex Chat Apps

1. Kik Video Chat
2. Adult Friend Finder
3. Chaturbate
4. Arousr

Kik Video Chat

Kik is a free messaging app that allows you to send photos or videos to others who use the app. While the app scores point for being free, there are a number of red flags surrounding its use. The most alarming issue with this app is that it is intricately connected with child sexual exploitation and the abuse cases it is involved in numbers in the thousands. They do not check their users’ ages, resulting in a legal mess for the company.

Next, you can send video messages, but it doesn’t allow you to video chat. Instead, you send video messages that cap at fifteen seconds. There is no real-time interaction, and the forced pauses between what you’re doing can add an unnecessary layer of awkwardness. It’s not incredibly geared toward those who are looking for video chat apps to get wild.

Lastly, you can’t really “match” with someone on Kik. You have to look up usernames of those who are ostensibly interested in video sex chat online. And hope that your schedules overlap and that they are not a bot.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a familiar name within the sex video chat community. It has many users, and better yet, they are all interested in the same thing: sexy experiences without commitment. To browse all of Adult Friend Finder’s content, you have to purchase a gold pass that ranges between $15 and $28 per month, depending on how long the contract you sign is.

Yet, if Adult Friend Finder is your go-to video chat app for sex, you might want to rethink your selection. Adult Friend Finder has a page where it asks the users’ ages, and yet all they have to do to be considered old enough to participate is check a box. It’s not very secure.


Chaturbate is another notorious contender of sexy video chat apps. Since its platform is so well-known, it has plenty of users and a lot of variety, so chances are good that you can see exactly what you want to see. Another plus is that Chaturbate verifies users’ ages by having them take a picture of a government-issued ID and then a picture of their face next to the ID. This can help weed out anyone too young to be using their website.

While Chaturbate caters to an expansive variety of sexual interests and attempts to ensure everyone on their site is of legal age, there are a few drawbacks. First, most of the action centers around webcam performances. So that there is one person on camera while others watch. People who are looking for a connection with someone random on the Internet might be disappointed by the lack of options. They can pay extra to see a “spy show” where they watch a private show but can’t interact with the performer. “Private shows” are between the person on camera and one other person who can interact with them via chat. So, there’s essentially no more sexual connection than a peep show.

Lastly, only portions of Chaturbate are free. You can watch some cams without charge but joining a private or spy show will cost money. The performer sets the rate of how many tokens per minute it costs, and that can vary widely—so you might be in for some costly entertainment.


Last on the list is Arousr. Compared to the other video chat sites for sex, Arousr is the only one that takes all the precautions necessary to ensure hot, sexy video chat fun. Let’s talk about exactly why it stands out.

First, Arousr uses a two-factor age verification that goes the extra step—making it even safer than Chaturbate, Kik, or Adult Friend Finder. Arousr offers one-on-one video chat rather than a cam performance. That means the experience is more personal, intense, and is distinct from a porn-watching experience. Lastly, though Arousr charges for use after you use your 100 free credits, it protects your privacy. The people you interact with during a sexy video chat don’t have your contact information. So you don’t have to worry about your information leaking. Start video chatting with Arousr today.