By FemmeFatale – Photo by @kaphoto.mtl

An increasingly popular fetish we are seeing being discussed on the Arousr platform is SPH. Which is short for Small Penis Humiliation. This kink isn’t for the faint of heart of heart but regardless our models continue to tell us that this is one of their most requested and most common sessions they have with our members. So popular in fact it made it onto our “Top 10 Fetishes Of 2020” list a few days ago.

Today let’s take a more in-depth look into what exactly small penis humiliation is? Why it’s so popular and what to expect from your first small penis humiliation session my own experience here on Arousr in this Fetish.

What is Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)?

When you enjoy being humiliated and told how small you are in comparison to other men and objects larger than your penis this is SPH. When you enjoy being put in your place and cannot please a woman with your penis, this is SPH. It’s typically performed by a much more dominant person towards a submissive. In fact, SPH is best performed by people who are more dominant because you can be pushed further into humiliation this way. Typically, SPH is a verbal practice but can also include physical erotic stimulation. SPH in both public/private places are ways one can find pleasure in being pushed to their maximum mental limits of what one will and won’t do to be verbally/physically teased.

It’s up to the individual how far they enjoy taking their SPH. Some like physical tasks and others just want to be laughed at. There is a certain quality of a beautiful woman laughing at mans size that really gets men of a less than average size off. It’s a reverse psychology of sorts. Instead of trying to measure up (pun intended) to society’s standards of what an acceptable penis size is you can reverse the expectations and garner the same attention for having one that is too small or not worthy of pleasing.

More attention can now be focused on one’s penis regardless of the size alone. It’s now about how much pleasure you cannot give and how you can rectify this by doing other things to please instead. Even if you don’t necessarily have a small penis but are more on the submissive side you can still find pleasure in being put in your place. More often than not most men who enjoy SPH just want to be made to feel as though they are not worthy or not capable of sexually pleasing a woman/man/both. Therefore, they need different tasks in order to please her/him and feel fulfilled. Small penis humiliation can also easily lead into cuckolding for this reason.


What To Expect From Your SPH Session?

In your first SPH session the first thing you need to establish between yourself and one of our lovely model hosts is comfortability and boundaries. As with all Fetish related kinks and desires you should always have a safe word or at the very least be clear on what it is your not willing to do. The worst thing for both a host and a member is to have no clue what the persons limits are. One word/action can sour a potentially awesome time together. It’s easier to get turned off than it is to get turned on. When you are new to something it is very difficult to figure out what you like until you try a little bit of everything. However, as an adult there are certain things you already know about yourself that you are not willing to do/say from the beginning. Just think of what turns you off and you now have established your own personal boundaries around your first session! It’s that simple for newcomers.

Be clear with your chat host as to what exactly you will not do/do not want to speak about. From this point on your now cleared to start playing around with what it is you do like about SPH. The second thing you should expect is to relinquish at least a little control. Let your host lead the way in telling you just how pathetic you really are. Allow them to put you in your place. You can easily let your host know you enjoy the direction things are going with a simple yes/no during the session. This lets them know to continue going further down the rabbit hole and fantasy they are creating specifically for you. If you’re feeling more confident feel free to go into more detail as to how the SPH session is making you feel and what is being stimulated, mental/physical/both? With anything the more time you spend being humiliated the more comfortable you will find yourself. The kinkier things get it will uncover more things that even you never knew turned you on. You truly will never know if you don’t try. I dare you to see if you like it.