Sexting and Phone Sex Preferences

We’ve listed a variety of different phone sex topics and fetishes below that you can explore with our AROUSR girls, whether through sexting, phone sex or any one of our other services. Don’t see your lustful kink below? No problem, our selection of AROUSR babes dabble in all types of sexual fantasies and are sure to accommodate your needs. 

  • Ballbusting – Are you a man willing to get your balls kicked and punished? Are you a mistress willing to show your ballbusting skills?
  • Balloon Popping – Looners beware, our chat hosts are ready, willing and waiting to pop your balloon.  Of course, I am talking about a real balloon!
  • BBC (Big Black Cock) – Black men are famous for their penis size. The are known to have very large ones. It is almost a fact, and there are women (and men) who are really into big black cocks.
  • Big Boobs – A gorgeous open­minded woman with amazing big boobs, sounds good doesn’t it? If you agree, cum inside and meet tons of busty babes who are willing to make all your fantasies come true.
  • Bisexual – Sext and Chat with people who want to have fun without giving any explanations. Just normal beings who want to share their hottest fantasies with both men and women.  Are you bi-curious?  Are you in a couple? Bring your wife or girlfriend!
  • Blow Job – If you have never gotten a blow job via phone sex or sexting, you have no idea what you are missing.  It’s sometimes better than the real thing.
  • Blonde – If you’ve got a thing for smoldering hot blonde chicks, you’re gonna love the cute bombshells we have in here.
  • Body Worship – Intense body worship or specific body part worship, like feet, cock or pussy worship, implies a kind of reverence, concentrating on the extended expression of respect and desire.
  • Bondage – Just think about it, being gagged, bound and beaten and loving every last second of the pleasure and pain…
  • Broke Girl – Broke Girls are naughty girls would expose their body, make a striptease and display their sex skills for a wealthy man to enjoy.
  • Brunette – If you’re into brunettes, cum inside and check out all the gorgeous dark haired women at Arousr.
  • Cheating Wife – There’s nothing like a smoking hot wife who knows how to really satisfy a man in bed or a woman who can teach younger lovers how to make a woman cum.

Not enough for you?  How about some of these fetishes? If you are into BDSM, we also have an entire page dedicated to a number of different dom and sub fetishes.

  • Cuckold – Discover this particular fetish, talk to highly dominant women who enjoy humiliating those who seek such sexual fulfillment.
  • Cum Shot – AKA come shot, cumshot, pop shot and money shot, it is the ultimate fetish and the best way to share the spoils of your phone sex or sexting session.  Cum shots take dic pics to a whole new level.
  • Cross Dresser – Crossdressing is all about freedom! Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in and enjoy, doing things you like and just being yourself and feeling happy. Share that freedom with one of our AROUSR girls.
  • Domination – Talk dirty with gorgeous mistresses, exchange pictures, watch domination clips and enjoy dominating or being dominated with others who share your fantasies and want to live them out with you.
  • Exhibitionism – If you like taking risks and the idea of getting caught turns you on, you’re an exhibitionist – no questions asked! Arousr is here to encourage your naughty exhibition fantasies with other kinky people like you and share your thoughts freely without being judged.
  • Facesitting / Smothering – The sky’s the limit, reveal your fetish and live your fantasies at Arousr!
  • Feminization – Feeling and dressing like a woman turns you on? Come chat with us and let it all out! Experiment and reveal your dark feminine side and feel like a woman.
  • Fart Fetish – Farting is not considered lady-like and that is just how you want her to be.  Uninhibited, sitting on your face and letting one rip.
  • Foot Worship – There’s something about smooth and delicate feet that make men and women around the world reach breathtaking orgasms. Our AROUSR girls have the sexiest feet.
  • MILF – Instead of extremely tight boobs and butts, you prefer a mature older woman with a little bit of sag and that’s perfectly fine with us.  Explore your MILF fetish with one of our mature chat hosts. 
  • Group Sex – Tons of fun and open minded people are waiting for you inside to get naked and have some group fun, so what are you waiting for?

Or maybe some of these topics are more your fancy!

  • Itty Bitty- Small Breasts – Small Breasts have always gotten a bad rap, but truth be told.  Women with small breasts have learn to compensate by being bigger in other areas, if you know what I mean?
  • Leather – If a hot cowgirls dressed in leather getting spanked is a turn on for you then look no further than our leather phone sex chat.  Whether it’s using or wearing leather that hits your hotspot, you can be rest assured that your deepest leather fantasy will be filled.
  • Lesbian – The female body is beautiful, is tender and warm that’s why it is so nice to see two gorgeous and aroused girls worshiping each other passionately
  • Masturbation – Rather obvious, phone sex and sexting just go hand in hand with masturbation, pardon the pun!
  • MMF & FFM  – Commonly referred to as threesomes, the MMF & FFM phone chat fantasy is one of our sexy hosts favorite roleplaying activities.
  • Mind Control – You have no power or authority over your actions.  Once I control your mind, your body will follow and do as commanded.  Reach out to one of our sexy sorceresses and get ready to lose control…
  • Public Humiliation – Whether it is being buck naked in front of strangers or people they know or performing sexual acts in a humiliating situation, ‘slaves’ do as they’re commanded.
  • Public Sex – Sit and relax in your car while you masturbate to the stories of how our hot and sexy girls love to have sex under a towel while lying on a beach or sitting at a bus stop.

Better yet, why not some of these hot phone sex topics?

  • Roleplaying – got a nurse, cheerleader or diaper fetish you want to act out?  Roleplaying is one of the best ways to try new things out to see what hits your hot spot.  Our chat hosts have costumes and accessories for just about any fantasy or fetish you can think of.
  • Rubber & Latex  – Nothing is more erotic than the feel, look, touch and smell of someone dressed in black latex from head to toe.  Sexy live girls will dress in a variety of different latex outfits for your very own personal Latex fetish chat.  Just imagine the shiny, silky feel…..almost makes your mouth water, don’t it?
  • Sex Toys – There is nothing like the sound of a sexy girl pleasuring herself with sex toys as you imagine that they are doing it to you or wishing it was you.  Sex toys and sexting, it just makes sense!
  • Small Penis – Enjoy being ridiculed for your less than impressive package? If your miniature is really miniature and you get off on someone pointing it out, we’ve got you handled.
  • Strap on – So many men have fantasies, often unspoken, of being sexually dominated and fucked by a woman wearing a strap on dildo and AROUSR welcomes you and makes room for all your sexual experimentations!
  • Sugar Baby – Looking for a virtual Sugar Baby sexting relationship? Arousr puts you in contact with girls looking for SD/SB relationships via texting or phone sex.
  • Tattoos & Body Piercings – There is nothing hotter than a girl with body piercings on her nipples, clit and tongue to really get you in the mood for some ………….sexting.
  • Tease and Denial – Imagine how it would feel to get so stimulated to a point of no return, only to be left at the cusp of an earth shattering orgasm, just begging for more…