OnlyFans Sexting – Are you Being Catfished?

Picture this: you spend your hard-earned money to talk to someone sexy you found on OnlyFans. Maybe they’re a well-known celebrity, or perhaps they’re just a hot content creator whose work you want to see more of. After you join, you notice that there are different tiers of patronage. Not only do you
pay a monthly amount to see their lowest tier content, but you also pay extra for the privilege of direct messaging with them. Paid messages mean that you pay a fee for every message they send you, and it’s often not cheap.

Unfortunately, the content creator has gotten too busy to attend to all their messages, so they’ve hired a ghostwriter to interact with those who fall for the paid messages scam. They don’t want to lose their audience’s engagement, but they’ve fallen behind and can’t handle the number of messages they’re receiving.

The ghostwriter likely doesn’t look anything like the content creator and may not even be the same gender. But since the messages seem to be coming from the right source, you get your wallet out and pay whatever you owe to connect with this hottie.

Things get steamy in the direct messages, and you can’t believe your luck. You’re sexting with this gorgeous person, and it almost seems too good to be true. And unfortunately, sometimes, it is. This image is of a nightmare scenario that affects so many. People spend money to buy some time with their chosen person, but in return, they are chatting with a ghostwriter. Not only can that be humiliating— but it’s also non-consensual.

If you don’t know who you are sexting with, you can’t consent to sext with them. This insidious experience is all too common since OnlyFans has proliferated. And there’s no way to know who you’re talking to, making this a nearly unavoidable situation for OnlyFans devotees.