Introducing the Arousr Chat Roulette

Introductory Offer – Roulette video calls pay 80% until August 1st 2021!*

*After biller processing fees

How it works

Similar to the classic Chat Roulette services, the Arousr roulette randomly connects chat hosts with arousr members.  However there are differences:

  1. Free sessions are limited to 30 seconds, after which members can choose to extend the session.  Extended sessions are paid to you at your regular Video Call Rates.
  2. Regular members can get 5 free sessions per day.  Premium Members get 10 free sessions per day. Once free sessions have been used, member can either do a paid video call or wait 24 hours to get his next free sessions.
  3. Members can also send tips while in premium Video Calls.
  4. Members cannot have more than one free chat with a host on the same day.

How to log in Roulette

  1. Visit the Desktop Portal at (We are working on the App version)
  2. Click ‘Start Roulette’
  3. Wait for members

There is nothing else to do!  Just make yourself sexy and in the mood, have fun and make money!

Note : Text and Voice calls are automatically disabled when on Roulette.  Users do not want to watch someone texting! Give them all your attention to entice them to extend their calls!

Benefits to you

  1. Great way to generate video calls, as members will want to chat more!
  2. Super easy, as there are no ‘premium’ buttons to click or anything else to do than chat.  Start Roulette and chat!
  3. You set your rates (Your Video Calls Rates apply to Roulette)

Questions or comments

Feel free to share your questions and comments with us!