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Random Video Chat Roulette for Adults

How it works

The Arousr Roulette randomly matches you with our sexy chat hosts in 1 on 1 private video call rooms. All you need to do is open a Free Arousr account (if you don’t have one already) and you will get free sessions with our beautiful hosts, every day.

As a free member you get 10 free minutes per day. Want more? All you have to do is become a Premium Member by purchasing credits for the first time. Premium Members get unlimited first free minute everyday.

As a Premium Member you also have the option to extend your sessions with the hosts.

Why Roulette?

What comes to mind when you think of the game of roulette? Before the days of the Internet, roulette was a dangerous game, full of risk and excitement. You stood to lose—or gain— a lot with every bet. You never knew what’s coming next.

And that’s why roulette is so addictive.

The Dawn of Video Chat Roulette

When chat roulette came on the scene, people were into it right off the bat. Within the span of a few minutes, you could meet people from all over the world with different interests, stories, and backgrounds.

While some wrote it off as a temporary craze, the multitudes of people who continue to use free roulette chat sites would beg to differ. The thrill of the unknown mixed with a touch of social interaction (and, sometimes, sexual gratification) was simply unbeatable. People saw the potential to harness their inner exhibitionist for voyeur and, with the press of a button, match with someone who shares their same wild desires.

Sure, you could go on a different site to sort people by interests, age ranges, and more before you started talking to them. But relinquishing control was always part of the attraction. Video chat roulette is random. Though you can always click “next” to speak with someone else, you’re still in the passenger’s seat, just waiting for what comes next.

But then, problems started to arise on the free roulette chat sites. Sites like Chatroulette, Omegle, and others ran into competing desires. Adults wanted to use the site for sex chat roulette. Yet, there were lots of underage teens on the site just looking to connect with new friends. Adults who wanted to have sex chat roulette felt awkward using sites where they could be matched with a minor. And minors felt uncomfortable being on platforms where predators might lurk. For a while, chat roulette sites fell out of favor.

Worse yet, most free chat roulette sites were full of men but had very few women. Anyone looking for a woman to have sex chat with had to surf through video after video of naked men. Men seeking men were in luck; anyone else left the video chat roulette exchange disappointed.

But Arousr stepped in and changed the sex chat roulette game.

Why Arousr’s Video Chat Roulette Is the Best Around Video chat roulette has been available for years now. Most curious people tried it at the beginning but were discouraged by the options available.

Arousr has taken what didn’t work about the other sites and created an upgraded, easy-to-use, and just as addicting video chat roulette. Instead of worrying that the next click on your screen will land you with yet another naked man or worse, a minor, you can click knowing that each person you match with will be a sexy woman. All the time you save not searching for the lone woman on a video chat roulette site, you can use meeting new people, chatting them up, and getting wild together.

Arousr gives you another reason to relax: you won’t constantly be getting skipped by strangers. If you have social anxiety, having fifty-four strangers decide you are not a good match for a video chat can be upsetting, with good reason. On Arousr, you can relax that anonymous people won’t feel emboldened to reject you without warning or explanation. Arousr hosts are inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgmental. They want to get to know you on whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Arousr verifies all of its users to ensure everyone is of age and no one gets catfished. The video chat roulette hosts are here because they want to be— because they like chat roulette as much as you do. They are as curious to find out what turns you on as you are about them.

How to Get Started with Arousr’s Video Chat Roulette

Arousr gives you five free video chats per day, so put your wallet away for now. After you’ve finished your free trial, you can upgrade to a premium membership, where you only pay for the credits you use.

The chat roulette functions intuitively. You press “next” until you find someone you feel compatible with. After that, the encounter is up to you. Do you want to watch a striptease? Find out if your host is game. Do you want someone to watch you masturbate? Chances are, you’re in luck. You can get as wild as you want, or you can make a new, sexy friend. Go at your pace and do what feels right. This is how video sex chat roulette was meant to be. No More Waiting—Start Your Free Video Sex Chat Roulette Now!

Anonymous, free-to-start video chat roulette is waiting for you.

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