Kink vs Fetish – What’s the Difference?

Not sure if you have a kink or a fetish? Not even sure if you know the difference? You’re far from alone! Hi, I’m Elaine Turner the resident sexologist for and I want to tell you about the difference between a kink and a fetish.

When it comes to kinks & fetishes there are 4 super common categories in the US. In the midwest, the most popular is group sex & sports gear. In the North east you’ve got balloons, BDSM, edging, foot fetishes, group sex, leather, nylons, sadism, and sounding (Of course, thanks New York). Down south you’ve got suits & masochism. And in the West you’ve got just plain masochism.

To put it simply a kink is something that brings you sexual pleasure or arousal but you don’t need it to feel sexually satisfied. So maybe you like SPH but you can still experience full pleasure watching MILF porn. So you like it but don’t need it.

A fetish is something you need to experience full sexual pleasure. Like you must have it incorporated. So if you’re into feet and you can’t get off without at least looking at some gorgeous toes, then you’d have a fetish.

So which one do you have? A kink or a fetish?

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