What’s the Kink Test?

When it comes to kinks, where do you even start? When you see a popular “kink test” come up on Tiktok it may spark your interest, but what is a kink test really good for? Hi, I’m Elaine Turner the resident sexologist for Arousr.com and I want to tell you about the kink test you’ve been seeing and why it may not give you the answers you’re looking for.

The internet and magazines alike are always brimming with quizzes and tests to help you learn more about yourself. But – kink and BDSM quizzes infer that your personality traits will tell you about what your kink preferences may be. But is there really any correlation?

Similar to the Kinsey scale – this test tells you your sexual preferences base don certain feelings and activities and how you rate them. Never does this test ask about your personal experiences.

All it is trying to do is classify you and put you somewhere on it’s 1-7 kinky scale in any number of kinky and BDSM related topics. Spoiler alert: No quiz can tell you your kink. Only you can know those things. You can only find those things out if you experiment and reflect.

Trying to find out your deepest inner secrets by taking the equivalent of a Cosmo quiz reduces your sexuality and sexual identity to what you see on a screen and no one should ever take those as hard and fast realities.

Your kink preferences and sexual appetite change every day based on all kinds of factors. But what it is good for is giving you a list of things to look into that you might want to sample later down the line.