It’s always difficult to work past the awkward stage in a relationship when you’re trying to sext without being too obvious about it. Just coming out and saying that you want to see a girl’s tits and ass will only lead to heartache. You have to work your way up to the pics that you stroke your cock to at night. Obviously, just having sex is a whole lot better, but you can’t always just do that. If you can’t be together and bust your load all over her soft belly, getting naked selfies is the next best thing. You just have to find a way to work through all of the efforts you have to put into making the women comfortable with it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get nude pix from a mature MILF or a chubby teen. But having them put that pussy on display and trade nudes is like learning how to work a clit. It takes finesse and a whole lot of concentration. With a little work, you can get nudes from any of the chicks you talk to within a few hours. Here’s how you make it all happen.

trade nudes the right way

Try Talking on an App and Trade Nudes

The first thing you want to do is switch over your conversation from text to an app. It will work to make the girls more comfortable with talking about sex. Something like Kik or Snap is going to be your best friend here. The girls can set their own security options and even make it so their pictures disappear in a specific amount of time. That means they can send off all the videos of their boobs or cunt clips that they want. It will all be kept private and they don’t have to worry about a coworker knowing exactly what color the areola around her nipple actually is.

It’s also a great way for her to get dick pics without worrying about someone else seeing them. She won’t have to fear opening up her texts only to show off your cock to her entire family. But in a special spot on her phone that only she knows about. She can discreetly pull it up when she’s alone in bed and pleasure her blonde or brunette pussy. Or while she looks at it and then just put it away when she’s finished. That’s just like her favorite vibrator.

Complement Her to the Max

Don’t hold back on the complements here. You want them to flow like a river out of your mouth. Also, you can tell her she’s sexy until it hurts to type the words. Or how you like to sit in a warm bath and slowly stroke your cock while you think about her soft and busty body. Maybe your mouth gets dry and your fingers start to shake when you think about her sending you special vids. That’s going to make her feel sexy. Feeling sexy is what’s going to turn her on. Being turned on is what’s going to make her want to send you nudes. It’s how women work and you need to learn to work it to your advantage. Stroke her ego and you’ll be stroking your cock to her in no time. Just make sure you sound genuine when you say these things.

Don’t just complement generic parts of her body. Don’t just tell her she has nice tits. Tell you how cute that mole on her cleavage looks to you. Tell her the way her back swells into her shoulders gives you shivers.

Just Try Arousr Instead

Of course, you could just try Arousr instead to trade nudes. This is a site that’s totally dedicated to women that love to send nudes. You never really have to work on them. You certainly don’t have to constantly compliment them. They’ll be ready to send you pics and videos as soon as you say hello to them. That’s because it’s a suite that women only go to when they’re horny. They don’t visit it just to waste time. They certainly don’t visit it just to talk. It’s a site where women go to have orgasms and it’s that simple. Girls don’t work the same as men. Guys need to watch women get off. That’s why porn exists. Women need the other side of that. They need men watching them get off. That’s just how it is. That’s why they love to send out nudes when they’re horny.

If they’re going to masturbate, it’s going to be because of how sexy they feel, not because of men. Think of Arousr as a porn site for women. They get to send out nudes and have guys jerk off to them. That’s what gets them off and you get to benefit from it.