How Can I Video Adult Chat with Someone Who Has Never Tried It Before?

When you’re separated from your partner, sometimes having a sexy video chat can make it feel like the distance isn’t so bad. But, if you’ve never tried it out together, you might not know how to ask. Or, if your partner has never tried it at all, that can be even more intimidating. You might wonder if your partner has already decided they don’t want to give it a shot. But before you lose out on the fun, here are some tips for having a video adult chat with someone who has never tried it before.

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Think About Your Presentation

If you start having an adult video chat with your partner and they look freshly showered, shaved, and sexy—you should, too. Since you can’t rely on other senses to charm them, like how great your neck smells or what you can do with those hands, you’re going to have to look as good as possible. Ensure you’re nice and clean before you get started, and wear something flattering. As a Pro-tip, turn off your phone so that it doesn’t interrupt you at the worst possible moment. This will let them know you made every effort to make their first adult video chat stress-free.

Also, don’t take your video from the bathroom or anywhere else that will turn your partner off. If you’re crunched for time, delay the adult video chat until you can go somewhere sexier. Dim the lights if you’re able, and go to a space in your home that’s relaxing. Tidy up before you call your partner because the little details make all the difference.

Lastly, make sure you have time to yourself. It’s worth double-checking that absolutely no one is going to pop into your room with a quick question. They could see your or your partner naked, and that will almost certainly ruin the mood.

Use Some Humor

Having a sense of humor can smooth over potentially awkward conversations. So if you are witty, use this to your advantage! Cracking a joke will help you both loosen up, feel more comfortable, and realize that having an adult video chat isn’t really that serious. For example, you could joke about how your favorite sex position is sitting in front of your computer. Or, you could joke that this is the last thing you have to cross off your bucket list before joining a convent or becoming a priest.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t joke about anything to do with the other person’s appearance—even if you obviously don’t mean it. When you’re connecting digitally, it’s easy to misunderstand people’s tone, and you could wreck an otherwise sexy encounter. Save the teasing for a time when you know each other better or in person, when you’ll have a better chance to explain yourself.

Manage Your Expectations

If it’s your partner’s first time on a video adult chat, it might take a little warming up before things get explicit. Some people get in front of the camera, and their inner porn star comes out. Others become a bit camera shy and will bolt at the first sign of pressure. So make sure that you don’t force it to become super explicit. If you give each other sexy strip teases but it doesn’t go any further than that, consider it a win. Maybe next time you can work up to watching each other self-pleasure. But it doesn’t have to happen the first time.

Try Something New

The whole experience is new for your partner. But you don’t want to roleplay the sex you’re regularly having. If you’re feeling generous, send your partner a sex toy (and toy-safe lube) beforehand. The gift will help put them in the mood to get wild, and it will also function as a prop—so that they know in advance where the evening is heading. This will pay off if your partner is a planner or if they are anxious.

As you get more comfortable with adult video chats, you can try more new things. Like people, for example. You can invite some sexy strangers onto your screen the next time you and your partner are feeling frisky. It will feel like a threesome without any of the risk.

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There are so many reasons that you’ll want to use Arousr for your video chat. For instance, you can’t just have a video adult chat wherever you want to. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram—though they have a chat feature—tend to frown on people using their platform for things of a sexual nature. In fact, you can get kicked off of most of them. Plus one wrong click and your sexy adult video chat is now streaming your business to all of your contacts. Not good.

When it’s time for your video chat, you want to be safe—especially if you’re inviting a third. Arousr protects your privacy and makes sure your virtual sex encounter stays between the two of you. Try Arousr for the best video adult chat experience!