Forced Feminization or Crossdressing Fantasies Explained

I’m Shauna, a Sexologist for Arousr!

Financial domination is often referred to FINDOM. It’s a unique and a niche aspect within the world of BDSM. It’s a kink that involves the consensual power of exchange where one party, known as the financial submissive, derives pleasure from giving gifts, money, or financial control to the dominant partner.

This kink is not primarily about traditional BDSM activities, but it revolves around the exchange of wealth and resources. With FINDOM, the power dynamic is often more psychological than it is physical, as the submissive willingly relinquishes control over the finances to the dominant partner.
Communication and consent are crucial with any kink practice, and FINDOM is no exception.

It’s essential for both parties to establish clear boundaries, limits, and expectations to ensure a healthy and consensual and fun experience.You can always find out more about kink and safe ways to explore your sexuality anonymously with verified women on Arousr.

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