What Are Some Popular ABDL (Adult Baby-Diaper Lovers) Chatting Sites for Sext Chat?

The view of what’s sexy or sexual in our culture is extremely limited, and it means that sometimes, people with fetishes are ostracized for falling outside of what’s considered “normal.” Some fetishes are stigmatized more than others. ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers) is one such fetish that is often unfairly stigmatized.

Best Diaper Fetish Sites For Sext Chat

1. Chatovod
2. Daily Diapers
3. Phone a Mommy
4. Diaper Mates
5. Arousr: Free ABDL Sext Chat

ABDL is a form of age play, and in the world of psychology, it’s known as paraphilic infantilism. Though that sounds quite clinical, there’s nothing strange about finding an age difference sexy when you’re among consenting adults. That’s the difference between paraphilic infantilism and pedophilia: ABDLs aren’t interested in children.

People who are into ABDL may like to pretend to be an infant of the same gender or of a different gender, and they may also wear diapers, desire to be bottle-fed, or engage in other infantile behaviors. But many people who have an ABDL fetish have a difficult time finding a chatting site for dirty chat. To help the littles connect with their mommies or daddies, below are some of the best chatting sites for people with an ABDL fetish.

1. Chatovod

Chatovod has an ABDL chat room that’s reasonably active. When I entered it, there were over thirty people online and actively chatting. Chatovod’s chat rooms are free, but they are also rather basic and reminiscent of the chat rooms from the 90s. The main chat room makes it clear that all users are to be over 18 to chat and that users shouldn’t try to have a sex chat (or even use baby talk) in the main chat room. Further, you can’t use bad language in the chat room. To have a dirty chat, you must get someone’s permission to private message them. And then you can go about your business alone.

To get started, you don’t need to enter your email address or even a birthdate—you simply pick a nickname and get started chatting. This may sound like a good thing, but it means the site is relatively unregulated and that there are likely scammers using the site. If you decide to have an ABDL chat on here, do so carefully.

2. Daily Diapers

Daily Diapers is a community for anyone who has an ABDL fetish. They have clubs you can join that range from geographic location groups to ABDLs who love sports cars to gay folks who have an ABDL fetish. You can browse through the gallery of mostly diaper-oriented photos. Or you can even find advice on where to buy the best adult-sized diapers. The blogs are only available to those who are members of the site, though, which is a decent way to make the site more private.

To use the chat room, you must register as a user by entering your name, email, and what the A in ABDL stands for. This is more regulated than the site above, which is a good start because verifying an email address will help keep out some of the bots. However, there isn’t a good age verification process in place, meaning you could be interacting with some underage users, which is something that puts you at risk. Use this site carefully, and don’t have sexual interactions with anyone who hasn’t proved that they’re above the age of consent.

3. Phone a Mommy

Phone a Mommy is a website specifically for the baby portion of ABDLs. Here, you can chat with other people in the community, read sexy stories specifically geared toward ABDLs, and watch diaper and breastfeeding videos. When I entered their chat room, only five people were online. So it’s a bit less populated with other ABDLs than the Chatovod site. If you want to have a dirty chat, you can order a private sexting package for the price of $1.49 per minute. Your other option is to have phone sex with a mommy that they have on staff. And this costs $1.99 per minute if you want to talk to one person or $3.49 for two.

4. PDiaper Mates

Diaper Mates is a dating site for ABDL folks looking to find love with someone who shares their fetish. You can browse personal ads here, join the chat, participate in polls, and more. A year subscription to this site costs $20. One of the big problems with this site is that your profile will be public, meaning anyone on the Internet could find it, and your fetish would be out in the open. If you’re not ready for that kind of transparency, it’s probably better to look elsewhere.

5. Arousr: Free Diaper Fetish Sext Chat

Arousr is the best chatting site for dirty chat, especially when you want to satisfy your craving for age play! Our chat hosts are open-minded, and a lot of them have fetishes of their own. You won’t be judged here, but you will have a sexy time with someone who turns you on. Browse the profiles and find someone you like. Then have a free ABDL chat because Arousr gives you 100 free credits to get started. Plus, everyone on the site has had their age and identity verified, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. Try Arousr’s sext chat today!