What Are Some of the Best Sex Chat Lines for Bisexual People?

One of the biggest problems with most sex chat lines is that they aren’t very inclusive. When you sign up for so many chat sites, the first question they ask is your gender, and then they typically start pairing you with people of the opposite gender. And yet, the portion of the population that identifies as LGBT continues to rise, and current estimates suggest that one in twenty people are not straight. That’s a large section of the population to ignore.

Worse yet, a lot of the sex chat lines that do recognize our gay friends leave out the bisexual folks. While you can easily find lesbian sex chat lines or gay sex chat lines, finding sex chat lines that cater to bisexual people is a much harder task. No one wants to have two subscriptions, one that caters to their heterosexual desires and one that meets their same-sex attraction needs. It’s not as if bisexual people feel straight one day and gay the next. As they have a permanent attraction to both genders. This is just one more inconvenience due to bisexual erasure. So, let’s talk about where you can find the best sex chat lines for bisexual people.

4 Best Bisexual Chat Lines

1. OKSexChat
2. The Bisexual Connection
3. The Bisexual Zone
4. Arousr


OKSexChat isn’t for people looking to sex chat in Oklahoma. But it’s an inclusive community for sex chatters all across the country. Rather than forcing bisexual people to pick a side of their sexuality that they want to explore for the day, they have a specific chat line for bisexual people. They also have other categories, including gay chat, lesbian chat, porn, and BDSM chat. So options abound for chatters, no matter who they are attracted to.

OKSexChat lets you block and report users who are not following the site’s rules, which is a nice layer of security to have between you and online harassment. They are also completely free, so you can’t beat the price.

However, OKSexChat doesn’t verify user’s email addresses or photos before allowing them to chat. So this is a sex chat line where you can expect to interact with a lot of bots, scam artists, and catfishers.

The Bisexual Connection

A little-known site, The Bisexual Connection is a dating site with a focus on sexual exploration. They are also one of the first sites I’ve been to where you can choose “nonbinary” for your gender—as well as male, female, or couple. When you select what you’re looking for, you can choose male, female, couple, and nonbinary, rather than just one category, which is common on sex chat sites. They also verify your email address, which can help remove some of the bots you otherwise encounter on sites like this. It’s also very accommodating for people who are new to the bi scene. Since they want a gentle introduction to exploring their sexuality rather than being overwhelmed.

There are a few reasons you may not want to use The Bisexual Connection for a sex chat line, including the fact that an upgraded membership will run you $40 each month. Plus, you have to make a profile to use the site. If you’re not out of the closet and you live in a small community, this can be a risky move since anyone on the site will be able to view your profile.

The Bisexual Zone

The Bisexual Zone is set up a lot like The Bisexual Connection. However, it does not allow you to choose nonbinary as a gender on the home screen. So I’m deducting points right away for that. It does, however, let you choose multiple categories when selecting who you’re interested in. The site has a focus on “curiosity” and “experimentation”. And that could feel a bit odd to older, seasoned bisexuals who are just looking for some fun. However, the emphasis on sex rather than dating is helpful for people looking for a quick sex chat with o bisexual people.

The Bisexual Zone prices are the same as The Bisexual Connection: $40 monthly. So, be prepared to shell out some serious cash. And, this site will also let anyone see your profile, so it has the same problems as The Bisexual Connection.


Arousr is one of the best sex chat lines for bisexual people around. What Arousr lacks in male chat hosts, they make up for with an environment of inclusivity. Arousr welcomes anyone who is seeking women, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Plus, you don’t have to make a profile with a photo, so you’ll be safely anonymous. It’s a feature that many other sex chat sites lack. All of the transactions are encrypted using SSL, too, making this a discreet place to explore your bisexual fantasies. You don’t have to pay to sign up with Arousr; they spot you 100 free credits. Try Arousr’s sex chat lines for free today!