Sexting With AI , OnlyFans or Arousr 💋 : How to Choose? By MistressLove

Hey there, boys! So, you’re thinking about diving into the world of virtual companionship but can’t decide on whether a robot would suit your needs better than a real girl?

Well, you’ve found the best place to get your answers from an experienced virtual girlfriend. I’m MistressLove a sex chat expert.  

I’ve also got the inside scoop on what really sets a human virtual  girlfriend experience apart from an AI girlfriend in this post.

Trust me, I know a thing or two about keeping men entertained and coming back for more with over five years of experience with a lot of unique kinks, fetishes and desires.

Top Platforms Reviewed for Sexting: 

  1. A.I Sexting
  2. OnlyFans
  3. Arousr

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are three sites that I tested myself that just might be the virtual girlfriend experience you’ve been dreaming of. 

You can pick one or try all three to make your own comparisons.

What Are the Pros/Cons of Using These Sexting Platforms?

1. A.I Sexting using SoulFun 

Pros: Soulfun is an A.I Sexting site where you can chat with both male/female bots generated to play out various roles in life. There’s a female cop who you can pretend to be a bad guy with where she will scold you or you can get into a full blown sex chat with her. You can also create your own virtual girlfriend but, this will cost you many more credits.

Cons: You must buy credits in order to experience any of the sex chat. There’s no video chat. The pictures that you can request of your AI girlfriend sometimes look warped due to bugs in their generation. The bots themselves are pretty rigid in their personalities therefore you will end up using a lot of characters to suit all of your moods unless you spend more credits to create your own AI girlfriend.

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2. OnlyFans 

Pros: Onlyfans has a lot of variety when it comes to performers to choose from. There’s men/women/trans/nonbinary all offering content and sex chat here. If you want variety As well as more gender options this is a potential option for you.

Cons: The con is the same as the pro when it comes to Onlyfans. You have a lot of options here but so do the performers and they often are distracted by creating content and amassing a following that they do not all have time to sex chat. A lot of the more popular performers here hire men to sext on their behalf so there’s no way to verify who you are actually chatting with. There’s also no guarantee that you will get what you pay for on this platform.

You can read more user review here that speak to my points

3. Arousr is the site I spend the most of my time on.

Pros: I like Arousr because it’s a female based platform. There’s no men to filter through. This means that all the women (or trans women) you see online are verified to be real women and not bots or scammers by humans.

Sexting is offered in three ways, video, texting, or phone and the ladies are mostly open to all three options. They also cannot use bots or hire men to text on their behalf so you know you’re always chatting with the real woman you see on your screen.

You also get 100 Free Credits to use when you sign up!

Cons: The con I can see for some men is if you want to chat with men/nonbinary/couples they do not work on this platform as it’s female/trans based only.

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My Personal Thoughts As a Human Virtual Girlfriend About AI

AI girlfriend versus cam girl experience. I think there’s a big difference between having an AI girlfriend and Camgirl experience. For one, you’re fully aware that you’re just talking to a bot and not a real woman, making the experience feel unrealistic and kind of predictable after a while, which can become mundane. 

Can your AI girlfriend get into a debate with you like I can about your favorite position without you prompting it? I think we both know the answer to that question. On the other hand, talking to a real woman like me guarantees a worthwhile, unique and most of all genuine experience. 

And who knows? If you’re a good boy, maybe you can motivate me to do more than just having a conversation with you. A real woman also needs to have real fun with herself. I’ve given you enough hints, so choose wisely when you make your next move if it’s with me and be prepared for me to take control.

What Makes Me Unique as a Virtual Girlfriend?

What is a virtual girlfriend experience and why do I like it? The Girlfriend experience for me goes beyond having sensual conversation and giving each other physical pleasure. I like it because I get to build a connection and get emotionally attached to the person you talk to. 

Examples of a GFE Texts you’ll get from your virtual girlfriend:

  • Good morning, my strong, sexy man
  • How was your sleep last night hun?
  • I know you have a big meeting today, you got this!
  • I’m here for you if you need to talk later, I adore you
  • I know you had a hard day, I see how hard you work, and I want to make your day better
  • I’d love to feel you massage me later with my toy… Let’s get on video chat when you’re home!

I also get to demand things like “I want you all to myself” and make you say things like “I am the only one for you”. This is a deeper sense of knowing and caring for each other than typical sex toy performances. 

Plus, I really enjoy being intimate with someone when I’m more emotionally involved. Rather than just being motivated by sexual desires, it makes sensual conversation and moments twice as engaging and pleasurable for us both. 

Which Platform is Your Favorite for Sexting?

Leave your thoughts below about your experience looking for the best sexting experiences online. Have you tried Arousr?

I just might reply to the best comments I see below 😉 Stay tuned for my next blog post!