How to use a Prepaid Gift Card on Adult Sites

We all like a little privacy when it comes to purchasing adult content and services online. Everyone has his (or her) reasons to do this. Most often, you don’t want explicit descriptors such as ‘PORNSITE’ to appear on your bank statements, especially if you pay your bills in person or if this is a joint account with your spouse.

Where to find Prepaid Gift Cards

Well, if you haven’t seen any of these lately, it’s mostly because your wife does all the shopping for you. You can generally find these at Walmart and other large department store outlets. If you’re not shopping alone, just pretend it’s for a friend’s birthday at the office.

Here’s what’s important to remember

a) Your card needs to be registered for online purchases.
b) The address and ZIP/Postal Code you will use on card registration will need to match exactly with the address and ZIP/Postal code you will enter at your favorite website checkout
c) You can use any name you want.

If you don’t do this, you will end up complaining at the support line saying you can’t purchase or ditch the card and lose your hard earned money.

Gift Card Package

Step by step Guide

1. Gift cards are usually sold in a plastic pack. Look for a website address on the card package. Sometimes it is printed directly on the card itself. This website is where you will register the card for online purchases. Your card may show another website address, as there are hundreds of different brands on the market.

2. Open a browser and visit the website. You will be required to enter the card number and CVV (the number printed on signature area on back of the card) to login.

3. Once in there, locate something that looks like ‘Register for Online Purchases’

4. Enter whatever information that’s being asked in there. This can be fake information but you will need to use that same exact fake information when using your card to purchase. Just write it down somewhere, as nothing is easier to forget than fake information!

5. Hit ‘Save’ or whatever confirmation button that’s in front of you.

6. Bookmark the website, in case you need to go back there.

Now you’re ready to use your card. Have fun and stay safe!





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