Can sex chat improve your sex life?

Hi, I’m Elaine s Turner, and I’m the resident sexologist for arousr. And it may not come as a surprise to you, but I’m very pro sex chat, I think it can really benefit your sex life. And that’s for a few different reasons.

The first one is kink. Being in a sex chat format means that you feel safe, and that you get to explore your kink from the safety of behind a screen with someone else. So you get to really tune into your fantasies and explore what turns you on and what gets you going.

Another reason I believe sex chat can improve your sex life is that you don’t have the pressure of performance anxiety weighing you down. Sexual Performance is a really big part of coupled sex with between two or more people. But behind the screen again, you can have that 12 inch throbbing cock that you’ve always wanted, when in reality, that may not be what you’re working with.

And that’s okay sex chatting is all about exploring what you want and who you believe your sexual identity to be. So start chatting and have some fun