Anyone With a Body Modification Fetish Is Willing to Sext Chat and Trade Pics?

One of the best ways to spend time on the Internet is by finding sexy strangers to sext chat with and trade nude pics with. But if you’ve tried, you know that sometimes strangers willing to part with their nudes are few and far between. If you have a body modification fetish, it can be even harder to find someone for a sex chat.

Best 4 Body Modification Fetish Sext Chat Sites/Apps

1. Tattoo Lovers
2. Reddit
3. Pierced Passions
4. Arousr

So let’s talk about where you can find someone who shares your piercing or tattoo fetish and chat or trade pics with them.

The Psychology Behind Piercing and Tattoo Fetishes

People who find pierced and tattooed people especially sexy aren’t weird—in fact, they’re pretty normal. People who are into body modification are primarily sexually interested in others with tattoos and piercings. So tattoo fetishes and piercing fetishes have become more mainstream as body modification has become more mainstream. Tattoos and piercings are decorations, and sometimes they are placed in very sexual areas, like the nipples, hips, or genitals.

The technical term for a body modification fetish is stigmatophilia—or an attraction to someone who is marked. As a stigmatophile, you may only like people who are pierced or only be attracted to those with tattoos—and some are even sexually attracted to people with scars. But some stigmatophiles love all forms of body modification.

For some, it’s aesthetic. Others may love the element of pain. And perhaps some people just love those who are dedicated to expressing themselves through body art. If it’s truly a fetish, you’ll need some form of body modification to be present in order to get turned on.

Where to Find Someone to Chat and Trade Pics With

Although you’ll need to search a little longer to find your people, there are lots of resources online to help you connect with other body modification aficionados. Below are some sites to get you started.

1. Tattoo Lovers

Tattoo Lovers is a dating site for everyone who loves ink. After you sign up by entering your gender, age, location, and email, you can see who is available in your area. Tattoo Lovers has a chat and video chat function, or you can get to know the people you meet via direct message.

Keep in mind that this site isn’t private, and even those who aren’t members may be able to access your profile. Furthermore, this is a site geared towards those looking for a relationship, so finding a casual sex chat may prove to be challenging. Overall, it costs $30 each month or $40 for three months.

2. Reddit

Reddit is a giant, free forum where you can meet people that share your body modification interests on several of their specific forums. And the body modification interests here are various and include gauged piercings, forked tongues, scarification, and other extreme mods.

The forum is quite active and has a lot of members. But on the other hand, it’s not incredibly well moderated, and you might have to search quite a bit longer to find someone who wants to have a sex chat or trade nudes. So if you do find someone, just when things start to get sexy, they might ask for your credit card number or your mother’s maiden name. In other words, keep your eyes peeled for scammers.

3. Pierced Passions

Pierced Passions is a place for people who love the pierced. It’s a dating and social media site where you can meet others who share your fetish.

At Pierced Passions, you can send messages in the chat, interact with others on their forum, use their webcam feature, poke or wink at people you are interested in, and more. While you can join for free, it’s clear that this site isn’t incredibly well-maintained, as it looks quite old-fashioned. Since it’s free, you can’t expect an incredibly smooth user experience. Moreover, you’re limited to sending ten emails each day to keep the spam in check.

4. Arousr – Sext Chat Site

Arousr is the best place to find people who are willing to chat and trade pics. It’s also an excellent site for meeting tattooed or pierced women and others who share your tattoo fetish or piercing fetish. Arousr is a safe site for an adult chat because everyone’s identity and ages are verified. So you’ll never have to worry about chatting with a minor.

Finally, as you peruse the list of people who are online right now and ready to chat, you’ll notice that quite a few of them have tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications. Everyone at Arousr is open-minded, and many of them love to share fetishes of their own. Using Arousr means you can find the perfect sex chat buddy in an instant. However, the best part is that you can do it for free! Arousr gives you 100 free credits to get started chatting. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Arousr’s free sext chat today.