What Is the Best Free Site for Sext Chat and Video Calls for Someone with an Impact Play Fetish?

Impact play is a fetish that contains many different types of activities—not just spanking. It could incorporate anything that uses force to impact another person physically, including whipping, punching, flogging, or yes, even spanking. If you have an impact play fetish, you may like to strike your partner during sex, or you may want to be the one being hit. For some folks, impact play has some overlap with a humiliation fetish since it may be humiliating for one of you to be touched so roughly during sex. For others, though, there’s nothing humiliating about it—the draw is the simple joy of pain.

Best Impact Play Sext Chat and Video Calls Sites

1. Fetish Galaxy
2. LiveJasmin
3. Whipping Chat
4. Arousr – The Best Impact Play Fetish Chat Site

Having an impact play fetish is totally normal. In fact, some psychologists estimate that half the population has an interest in experimenting with impact play.

Wherever you fall on the impact play spectrum, you probably are well aware of how difficult it can be to find someone for a sex chat or video that shares your inclinations. You don’t want a site that offers just one way to connect—some days, you might feel like a sex chat while others you want a video call. After all, seeing the riding crops or the handprints is often half of the fun. Looking for the best free site for sex chatting and video calls for someone with an impact play fetish? Look no further; we have you covered.

1. Fetish Galaxy

Fetish Galaxy bills their site as the top fetish sex portal, and they have a lot of professionals to choose from. When you enter the site, you can see how everyone identifies: submissive, dominatrix, or educator. Some even hold the title of expert.

This is mostly a typical cam site that focuses on some common fetishes, like anal training, gagging, fisting, humiliation, and even whips. You can sort by their age, ethnicity, and more. However, this site is mostly cam-oriented. If you choose to do a free chat (which they have as an option), the entire conversation will be clothed and rather tame. One nice feature is that they have cam-to-cam chats, which can make the experience feel a bit more personal and intimate. Their hosts also speak a variety of languages.

The drawback is that most of the interactions on this site are not free. They give you 15 free tokens to get started, but those won’t get you incredibly far. You can buy tokens or pay for shows, and they do have a rewards program that affords you more benefits the more you use the site. The video quality also leaves a bit to be desired.

2. LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin doesn’t specialize in fetish the way that Fetish Galaxy does, but it has a lot of hosts with many different sexual interests. You can search by impact play and find what you’re looking for with relative ease.

The free chat feature lets new users have a twenty-second peek inside different chat rooms of their choosing. You won’t be able to interact, however, and the time goes by quickly. The downside is that you must pay to use most of the features. The different cam models charge different fees per minute, and if you want to use the cam-to-cam feature, it costs even more.

3. Whipping Chat

Whipping Chat is another branch of the “Chat City” chat rooms, and it caters specifically to people who are interested in impact play of all sorts but especially whipping. Since whipping takes quite a bit more skill than the other forms of impact play, so it’s a good idea to join a separate community if this is what you’re into. It will be safer to interact with people who have a bit of experience when you get started.

To begin, enter whatever you’d like your chat handle to be. Then enter your name and what you identify as: sub male, sub female, dominatrix, couple, or dom male. Then, enter your email and password, and you’re ready to get started chatting with others who share your impact play fetish. You can upload photos and videos of yourself, so other users can get to know you better, and if you become a paid member, the site promises you’ll get more views and messages. However, they don’t have a great way to verify ages, which makes this site a risky one to use.

4. Arousr – The Best Impact Play Fetish Chat Sit

Arousr is the best free site for sex chatting and video calls, especially for people who have an impact play fetish. They give you 100 free credits to start, and you can use those however you please. Get to know the different chat hosts before you pick one for a sexy playtime. They protect your privacy and verify everyone’s ages, so all you have to do is focus on chatting. Plus, you can connect in a variety of ways: chat, text, phone sex, or video call. Get started with Arousr’s free chat today!