Sissy Training & Roleplay with Sex Chat Host Mamasitabeso.

An intimate interview with an Adult Chat Expert.


FemmeFatale 0:07
So I want you to introduce yourself What is your name on a browser? What is your chat hostname? How can people found find you on the app? Oh my cha hostname is mama Sita pestle and how long in a chat host on the arouser platform? Um, I think it’s been about two months months Okay, so you’re pretty new. Yeah, I’m a new fresh man. Are you having a good time?

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Yeah, definitely. Like Like a busy lots of different people and kinky stuffs.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
Okay, so so far you’re two months on rouser. What would you say is the strangest weirdest kinkiest thing you’ve had requested thus far by one of our lovely members on our platform for you?

Unknown Speaker 1:06
I mean, being like a few kinky stuff, but the most weirdest y thing is like a few dude is like putting female lounging and bra. Okay, so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:23
they want you to be in a bra sitting on a chair lounging, relaxing.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
No like the woods like put some lounging like, pink lace bra and panty on themself.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
Oh the men wanted to stress and want you to tell them what to wear. And they want to dress up and woman feminine clothing feminine undergarments specifically more like lingerie correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:53
Yeah, and he also wants me put something like that and we dressing up like this together.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Oh like girlfriends almost like your girls together like two girlfriends dressing up in lingerie being very feminine at the same time. And have gambang with guys and have a gangbang with guys as well. Yes up and then he wants you to dress up at the same time. He’s dressing up in women’s lingerie. And then he wants to fantasize about having a gangbang with other men as he’s dressed up in women’s lingerie. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:30
Yeah, and me and he both dressing up in women’s lounger have gambled with big dudes. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:38
and then are you doing this on video or through sexting? On sexting and sexting. Okay, and then are you sending him pictures of you dressing up in certain outfits through the chat?

Unknown Speaker 2:51
I do send his pictures when I was adjusting with sexy lounges and bra. Yeah, and khaki pants get turned on? And does he send you pictures of him in the in his own lingerie as well? Definitely is one of his fantasy. I mean, I don’t even need to ask him to send it. Like as his priority. Yeah. He really

Unknown Speaker 3:18
gets off on you watching him seeing him in this rhotic state of his. Yeah, he loves it. So how do you feel about

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