Sissification Explained

Hello fellow kinky friends, here at Arousr HQ we want to start taking a more introspective look every month into a fetish/kink topic we notice is in high demand on our sexting app platform. This month’s topic which should come as no surprise based on our title is Sissification! Oh yes, being feminized has never been in higher demand than it is currently on Arousr. For those that are not well versed in this fetish let us explain. Sissification is a form of dominance involving the reversal of gender roles. The way in which we will explore this topic this month is when men are feminized (with the consent of course) to be more ladylike under the control of a female Mistress. Oh and yes, Sissies must always fall on the submissive side of things to truly enjoy this style of roleplay. Alpha males, we’ll get to you in future topics.

Often viewed as a “gay thing” or a fetish where men roleplay solely to be degraded we have some news for you. It’s not either of those things and we will further explain why in this article and many more to come over the rest of the month. There is no possible way we can fit all this kinky data into one article therefore we will re-visit it each week with a new focus.

Over the course of July 2021, we interviewed hundreds of Arousr Chat Hosts and Members alike. We wanted to get a better idea of what people were sexting about and how that made both the chat host and the member feel. Not only for us but also, to give a better understanding of this fetish to the masses and more vanilla/kinky people like yourself reading today. We’ve googled it and nothing came up for us with this type of effort to truly understand this fetish and its purveyors in society. After we collected all the data we’ve come to realize that Sissification is one of the most misunderstood fetishes that there are. Let’s get into all the kinky details furthermore with some of our favorite quotes from our own Arousr Chat Hosts.

The Origins of Sissification

Sissy is a term derived from the word sister that started being used in the American language in the 1840s. Sissy was first seen in writing around the time Charles Dickens’s book “Hard Times: For These Times’ ‘ came out which was published in 1854. In this use it was referring to someone’s Sister as a “Sissy”. Shortly after Sissy became a more widely used term in the 1880s “Sissify” became a verb around 1900. This is when the term became a pejorative for men. Men were often relentlessly teased about being Sissy from the 1930s well into the 1960s. Calling a man a Sissy was seen as a way to demean/humiliate someone. Meaning they were weak, frail, and not athletic. The term then became a way for men to describe themselves in a way of reclaiming their feminine attributes sometime in the 1980s. This was also around the time that Drag Queens/Crossdressers became a subculture of society in the underground world. Sissy was used often by men to describe themselves in their drag persona. Therefore, being Sissy became most popular and heavily used in gay culture. This is why it’s often viewed as a “gay thing” by the masses. However, we are here to tell you today that it’s not!

There is a much greater distinction between being a sissy, enjoying sissification, and being gay. One is not mutually exclusive to the other. Being gay is how you are, it’s your sexuality, this is not something you get to choose in life. Being a Sissy on the other hand is a role you chose to play. It’s a temporary state for you to get to exist in and enjoy a role reversal from your hetero normative lifestyle. This is a way for a man to break from the masculine shackles society puts on them and take a walk in a nice pair of sexy high heels for a change without any fear or judgment.

Understanding your Sissy Style

Out of all the research we did on the subject of Sissification this month one thing is clear. Your Sissy style is going to be different from others, there is no one size fits all formula for kink play in life. By exploring this fetish for yourself you will find where your boundaries lie and how far you like to go.

For example, some men like things more on the hardcore side of roleplay. They enjoy being completely humiliated while in their Sissy form, it’s a way for them to get off on all the hurtful things they have heard in the past or feared of hearing. In a way, it’s repackaging hate in order for the man to be in a safe space to now reverse how he is allowed to react to it. Instead of it causing him to fear, the hate/humiliation he used to hide from in this role now turns him on. Being in a safe and consensual space is key for allowing oneself to express their kinks in this manner.

Other men get off on the thrill of soft feminine fabrics and cuts of feminine garments touching their bodies and containing their genitals. For these men, they grew up fantasizing about what it must feel like for a woman. How does lingerie feel? And how would it feel rubbing up against my balls? How would I look in high heels? All of these things are about feminine aesthetics. This is the true turn-on because if these men were to walk around in their real lives dressed up as a woman there would be far too much explaining for them to do.

Your sissification preference will be inherently personal and customized to your kinky needs and no one else’s. The only thing you need to explore any fetish is an open mind, consent, and a safe word.