EggPlant or Peach? Exploring How Size Kinks Matter

Well, hey there, Mr. Big! I’m Elaine Turner, a Resident Sexologist for Arousr, and today I want to touch into The World Of Size Kink and The Size Of It. Whether or not you’ve noticed it, you likely already have some kind of size cake. It’s one of the most common ones to have. In fact, it’s part of a lot of stereotypes. Women are obsessed with giant cocks and men are obsessed with giant titties and asses and Vulva lips. It runs the gamut of all kinds of stereotypes. So if you think you’re new to the world of kink and fetishism, you may have already been here for a while. All that size Kink really means is that you have some preference for a certain size of something. It could be a body type, a measurement, a height, whatever. For many of you, it might be the sensation of being dominated and feeling small because someone is so much bigger than you. For many, it’s a sexual interest in Giants or Giantesses.. All of it basically boils down to the same concept: the eroticism of bodies. And for some, it can be the other side of the coin. It can be feeling small and weak and touching back on that small penis humiliation or SPH that we discussed in the past. It’s just that fascination, fetishization and obsession with things of a certain size. So if you want to find out more about size Kinks, keep following us on Arousr, and make sure you stay tuned for more Kink education. See you soon. Bye!