Become a Chat Host on Arousr (Introduction)

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Make Money chatting on your Mobile Phone!

Arousr is a platform that connects customers to Chat Hosts for adult entertainment. Customers visit to engage in sex chat thru texting, voice calls or video calls. Customers must use ‘credits’ to purchase services and content on Arousr. They are given 100 free credits when they sign up, so they can try the system.

How you make money.

Arousr offers customers many channels to interact with chat hots, and each of these is an opportunity for you to earn money. These channels are Text Chat, Voice Calls, Video Calls, Media Purchases and Tips.

Text Chat

Using an app that you will install on your phone or a desktop portal, you will receive chat requests from customers who saw your profile. Your job will be to answer these chats and keep customer interested. If you make it interesting enough, you will start to get regulars who will come to Arousr just to chat with you.

Voice Calls

If you choose to take phone calls, customers will be able to reach you thru a ‘click to call’ system. Our system will forward the call to you and you will hear ‘This is a call from (customer). To accept, press ‘1’’. You will have the option to accept or decline the call. (Don’t worry – your phone number will not be shown to the customer !). You will earn money for each minute spent talking.

Video Calls

Customers also have the option to initiate Video Calls with you by clicking a button. You will get an alert on your app saying (customer) wants to Video Call you. Accept / Decline. You will earn money for each minute spent on video call.

Content Sales (Photos or Video Clips)

You can upload pictures and video clips to Arousr. For each picture or clip, you can set a price in credits that customer will have to pay to purchase the picture or clip.


Customers can also send you tips thru the website.

How much can I earn ?

Depending on your talent and how often you log in on the system, you can earn up to a few thousands per week. For this to happen, you will need to update your profile often with good pictures, keep the customers interested so they come back and put content for sale on the website, so they can buy content from you even if you’re not online.

Pay is issued every Business Monday via Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer.

Do you accept applications from my country ?

We accept applications from most countries, as long as we can transfer funds there via the methods described, and there is no commercial embargo between Canada and your country.

Where do I start ?

If you are interested in going further, the next step will be to prepare your application.

Next Step – Prepare your Application