Sexy Chat

If you’ve always wanted to have a sexy chat but have never been able to pull it off, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers to a successful sexting situation. Perhaps you’ve never found someone you trust. Or, maybe it’s difficult to tell when to escalate the conversation from friendly to flirty. Luckily, online chat sites can help mitigate these barriers. Once you’ve found someone to chat with and you’re ready to put your foot on the gas pedal, use the tips below to ensure you have a sexy chat—and not one that falls flat.

How to make chat sexier

When people think of sexting, they often compare it unfavorably to face-to-face sex. This means they are overlooking the countless benefits sexting offers—including the fact that it’s a healthy part of normal sexuality. Sure, in-person sex is great, but it has drawbacks, too. For instance, before you meet up with someone, you have to plan a date, make sure the date is fun, clean your house, shower and perhaps shave, and then if everything goes right, there’s a possibility the evening will end in sex. Ultimately, sex involves a lot of upfront work for a chance at a payoff.

Having a sexy chat, on the other hand, involves much less planning. And with spontaneity comes creativity. Much of the stimulation you feel when you’re sexting involves your imagination. What the two of you create together can be better than reality, and it doesn’t have to be entirely accurate. Instead of having sex in an untidy bedroom, you can toy with the idea of ravaging your sexting partner on a deserted beach or in the middle of a busy train station.

With sexting, as with pornography, you have full creative control, and therein lies the sexiness. You are in charge of what you disclose versus what you keep to yourself. Part of being human is being extraordinarily sexy and unsexy at the same time. When you have sex with someone, they are bound to find out that you get incredibly sweaty during sex or that you like to stop after thirty minutes for a mid-sex snack break. Whatever your particular quirks may be, you have the option to decide whether to leave them out or include them in your conversation. Instead, you can access your ideal sexual persona and embody someone you usually can’t in real life. Not only is this exciting, but it can also give you insight into how you’d like to show up in your sex life in the future.

Sex chatting means you’re not limited by reality. And that can make sex so much more fun, unconventional, and playful than it usually is.

Use Your Fantasies

Not only can you dream up new surroundings and roles during sexting, but you can also try new sexual activities. This process can even help you be a better lover in real life. Rather than diving into something that you are unfamiliar with, use sex chat to talk through the steps with someone. You’ll get a feel for their experience of an activity that’s new to you. And, if you eventually have sex with this person, you’ll have a better understanding of what kind of pace, rhythm, and pressure they like from what they said while they were sexting.

For instance, if you’ve always thought about trying anal, having a chat about it may help you realize that some people need a lot of warmup first. So, you won’t accidentally start too fast, cause someone pain, and potentially spoil the whole experience. Or, if you want to explore the idea of a threesome, a sexy chat about it can give you ideas for how it can go. Having a handful of ways to keep the third person engaged and busy is crucial for a successful threesome, and it can mean the difference between a night you’ll remember forever and one that you regret because someone felt left out.

Leave Your Inhibitions Behind

Sex chatting is a safe space in between reality and imagination. If you have a fantasy that you’d like to experiment with, but you’d never want it to happen in real life, sexting might be an ideal way to cross it off your bucket list. Many people have fantasies that are borderline extreme or taboo, and some would never want to experience them in person. But talking about what’s sexy about them with someone else can help you realize that these fantasies aren’t dangerous, and they are fun to play with in the abstract. Our culture often works to make us afraid of the parts of our sexualities that don’t exactly align with what’s considered “normal.” But, no one is completely normal, and fantasies that you don’t act upon are never something to be afraid of. In fact, they can make sexting hotter than you ever imagined.

Nothing Is Sexier Than Privacy

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