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When Sex Chat Hosts become Men’s Therapists.

When Sex Chat Hosts become Men’s Therapists.

What’s the link between Sex and Mental Health?  Simple. Society Shames both.

In the 8 years or so that I have run the Arousr platform, I have regularly seen men end up on adult chat services when they would have been better served calling a therapist. As can be heard in interviews with members and chat hosts on the Arousr Podcast.  Sex is a pretext to engage in a conversation, but the conversation itself moves away from the sex part, and sometimes does not involve sex topics at all.  

‘Men come for the Sex, they stay for the connection.
What’s behind this?’

It’s pretty well documented that compared to women, men are less likely to seek help for mental health difficulties.  Men are not acculturated to talk about their feelings. Most are raised on adages such as “big boys don’t cry,” or “man up.” They are encouraged to be stoic and to “tough it out,”  In general, Men Get Penalized for Straying from Masculine Norms.

So, where do men go when they need to escape from these social expectations?  They go somewhere where they can stay anonymous and feel comfortable being vulnerable with someone.

Why are men ending up opening themselves to chat hosts, whom are not professionally qualified to provide such services?  Here are a few reasons I can think of:

1. Sex is an acceptable way for men to engage.

For a man’s ego, flirting through text messages is a much more natural way to start opening up than calling a professional, therefore admitting to himself  he ‘needs help’.  ‘Real men’ don’t ask for help.  But they allow themselves to flirt.

2. Anonymous Texting feels safer than calling a therapist.

Starting a conversation with anonymous text messages is much less frightening to men than trying to find a therapist and repeatedly calling in hopes to get an appointment in a few weeks.  

On Arousr, they can find someone to connect to 24/7. There’s no need to identify themselves.  They can exchange a few messages and see if the other person is a right fit.  If they don’t feel a connection, they simply switch to someone else.  In real life, you can’t ‘shop’ a therapist.  You’re lucky to find one and will need to figure out if there’s a ‘fit’ after your first meeting (and after you forked over $200) for the initial consultation alone.

3. ‘Alpha Men’ need a place to be vulnerable

In fact, especially them. What we see is probably a way to balance their ‘real life’ alpha male with its opposite.  The more a man plays the ‘alpha’ role, the more he plays his ‘beta’ side in private.  The more he’s ‘in control’ of everything in his personal life, the more he needs to let go of this control in private.

That’s why we have so many members who fantasize about being dominated. We can witness this with numerous examples such as men confiding they want to dress as women or be dominated, leaving all power to the chat host.

Want examples? We have too many to list here but here are a few.  Policemen wanting to be ‘sissified’ (Instructed to dress as women).  Politicians, priests, successful businessmen, rugged construction workers who call the shots around them and drive F-250’s.  We’ve seen all these types come and go over the years.  So many men spend their whole life trying to ‘prove’ they are ‘real men’, which impacts the people around them and society at large.  Toxic Masculinity, in short.

At the end of the day, everyone needs to be vulnerable with someone else.  Since men have to keep their manly mask around them, they turn to us so they can drop it for a brief moment.  They get empathy, validation and someone to connect with.

Is this our mission as a company you may be asking? Well, it was not the plan at first, of course.  People use technology and innovations in ways that were not planned by its creators originally.  This is an organic direction the connections made on our platform have taken.  What matters now is what we do with this information and how we grow past this point.

Is there a lesson to be taken for the Mental Health System? I certainly do think so.

If the Mental Health community really wants to help Society in an efficient way, it will need to adapt to men’s mindset.  Toxic Masculinity affects women.  Help men, you will help Society. How about meeting men where they are instead of trying to coerce them to use a system that was not built around them?

If this idea has to come from the Adult Industry, then so be it.  Zoom conferences used by psychologists may not exist today if it wasn’t from the Adult Industry innovations in the 1990’s. There are some highly qualified people who understand this.  Others won’t and that’s expected.  Sexual shame affects people, no matter their education level or field of expertise, and that includes Mental Health Professionals.

Let’s grow up.

Isn’t now the time to grow up, become adults and fight the real enemy, which is shame?  I certainly believe so.  

I also believe our technology can be used for the greater good, simply by connecting users to qualified professionals in place of untrained chat hosts.  How will this happen? As an entrepreneur, I have a few ideas of course.  But Mental Health is not my field of expertise so any project would need to involve professionals.

One thing for sure is, we have built a platform that people naturally use to share their deepest secrets.  We keep them safe from Society’s unrealistic expectations by protecting their identities and letting them be anonymous.. This is our expertise.  

If someone in the Mental Health Field is reading this, and gets the idea, let’s have a discussion. 


Harvard Business Review – How Men Get Penalized for Straying from Masculine NormsBy David M. Mayer

Globe and Mail – Why guys are reluctant to lie on the therapist’s couch – by Erin Anderssen

Sex Chat Interview with LuxcsiousMel

Sex Chat Interview with LuxcsiousMel


Welcome to Arousr, your kinky escape. Today you’re joining us because we are interviewing one of our lovely Arousr chat hosts, they’re going to tell you all about their time on the platform, their kinks, their turn ons, their wildest experiences, and most importantly, why they love working on Arousr and being there to chat with fine gentlemen, just like you tune in and get turned on. And most importantly, let’s have some fun today. Okay, now, what is your Arousr? chat host name?


My Arousr chat host name is Luxciousmel.


Right. And how long have you been using the platform as a chat host?


Oh, I think I’ve been using that platform for about five, four months, I want to say wonderful months.


You’re pretty new. I thought you’ve been around for a while because you’re good at it.


You think so?


You’re great at it. I thought you were a model before. So therefore, that’s probably the reason why you had good experience beforehand. And what do you prefer cam modeling or chat hosting?


Honestly, I joined Arousr because I did not want to do cam modeling no more. I was tired of sitting on a camera sometimes and just waiting for someone to pop up and try to figure out if they like me, or if they don’t, you know, and it was taken a lot of my time, like a lot of my time. So I came across a couple of chatting companies that were not like Arousr. But similar to Arousr. Except it was not the where you can log off and come back on anytime you want to or kind of that type of setting going on with the app. And it was more convenient for me just because I said okay, well, when I’m camping, I can go ahead and turn on my app or browser. And I can go ahead and camera at the same time. If it’s slow in camming, I can use it. So it just worked out pretty well for me. You know, it’s it’s working for me right now when I don’t feel like using it. I don’t use it when I feel like using it. I used it. It’s kind of like I’m in the mood for Arousr type of thing. Mm hmm. Yeah, no more of like, I have to be at Arousr. Like with counting, I have to be on my camera 24/7 24h, but I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.


I know exactly what you mean, girl, it’s very arduous work, it’s work. It’s not an easy job, being a cam girl, it’s very arduous, you have to be on you have your live streaming there, it’s live, you don’t get to make any mistakes, mistakes will cost you a lot of money because people will leave or not pay you or tip you. It’s all commission based. And also, they don’t promote you on those cam sites individually. So that’s the big difference between Arousr and then also cam site is that we take an interest in specific chat hosts to promote them individually on our platforms. And we also give them more opportunities to work with us for certain campaigns as well. So it’s there’s a big difference. And the fact that you don’t have to be on a camera, like you said, is, is a huge difference. And you can also do other things. So if you do cam, you can also use Arousr while you’re doing that to supplement that downtime, I find the traffic on Arousr a lot better than a cam room.

Because in order to get enough money, you have to be on at least six to eight hours in a shift. Literally, like consistently, as you know, and on Arousr you log in and it’s very difficult not to get hit up with a text, you know. You’re gonna get a text girl, you’re not going to be sitting there all day wondering why is on my phone going off. Unless you’re not looking at your phone you’re missing.

Like I forget to turn off the app and I’m around my family or something. I’m just like, Oh my God, this needs to stop. Yeah, you’ll always you’re always people to text. There’s constantly try individual traffic leading individual hosts, because everyone’s looking for something very unique to what they like and so that everyone that comes on Arousr, everything is different, you will not find the same type of man going on. So you’re always I’m always Well, at first I was not prepared for like, just having so much different things coming in to me. I had to literally dig in and do a lot of more research because it’s a lot more different traffic here. Yes. You know, if you have a menu, you know exactly what they’re coming to see, you know what you have to do. But here it’s a lot different. Sometimes you’ll be like this, and they’ll say we’ll do this, do that and you’re just like, oh my god, like, What do I do? Do I know how to do that? Do I know how to Google it. Can you please call me back? I’ll be ready. Just give me five minutes, I need to get prepared. And then you Google it. And then you do it and you’re great.

So it’s been a road with the Rouse, I love it. I’m actually getting to know myself a little bit more, you know, it’s, it’s getting to know my body as well, as a female. That’s amazing.


So how did you hear about Arousr? yourself as a cam model? How did you hear about the site?


So I was googling, I was just talking about Google. I was googling for chatting sites that pay per text, because I have heard of it. But I’ve never was actually online. Like I said before, it was a lot of things that I’ve looked into. But I was not fully prepared for it. Because like I said, I cannot log off of the other apps like I can. Yeah, so it was a lot of missing money. And I would feel bad at the end of the day, because I would say, well, like if I was in camping, I could have been making this amount of money here, you know. And it was, it was a lot of going back and forth. So I found a router through looking through texting apps that were pay, and I came across you guys. And I love you guys. I mean, you guys are great to me. You guys are great to everyone else. And the platform is amazing. It’s like you’re upgrading each and every time and I love it. I’m in love. We love you too, man.


You’re awesome, baby. Okay, so this is a good question. And what so far in your time and honor rouser, what’s been your craziest chat experience thus far this can be through text phone or the video chat option?


Oh, that’s kind of tough. It’s been a lot of those. Like I said, I was used to coming. So the whole experience of tech holding was kind of new to me, were not new to me. But I didn’t know that so much. People were so interested in me, or they actually like those kind of things. So one time, I had one of my friends over, and I answered the call on video call. And some dude was interested in like Puck holding and things like that. We started talking about it. And I said, actually have my friend over right now. And this is my first time that I had my friend act like we were actually doing something because this person wanted to see wanting to hear a cuckold on the phone. And I asked them, Why don’t you video call, you know, and everything was so new. I’m like, What is it? This person is really Oh, call me Why does he get on my camera? Just come watch me do this. But he was more interested in just a video card, the whole entertainment. So I’m just like, Okay, I guess we can do that. And later on, I came across, I guess, thinking to myself, I said, maybe it’s just a imagination that they have in their mind that they want to work with. Oh, the reason why he didn’t want to video call. And I kept getting a lot more calls like that. So I got adjusted. I’m like this. So people like, this is why everyone likes and my profile became mostly like catcalled.

I don’t know how my English is not perfect. So bear with me if I’m not talking correctly, but I was more like, Okay, I’m, I guess in Arousr, I’m becoming more of a dominant person. Like, I’m learning to be more dominant. And I thought I wasn’t able to do that. So that’s one of the crazy things that has happened here. Here in Arousr, I have became a dominant person. And I did not ever think I can be a dominant person with my personality, we just me, I’ve never thought I wouldn’t ever be dominant person. But I happen to me, here are some, I’m pretty happy about it, it’s getting the point. So there you go, baby and you it’s through text, you don’t have to be on camera, which makes your life a lot easier because people really get off on the fantasy of it all. And when you’re seeing something you’re limited to what you’re seeing visually, it’s very difficult to exactly elaborate on what you’re already seeing visually. When you don’t see anything at all, your imagination can run a little bit more more wild. So that is what those specific members are looking for specifically on Arousr who are using it to text so that’s the groovy part about it that I think is really cool for everybody. And it gets you to know a little bit more about yourself because you can make in your head rather than being a performer. You can be more in your head and more intellectual about sexuality. Yeah.

Now when I talk to people, I’m just like, I feel like my attitude has changed. I feel like I am changing as a person because I’m having to do this. Not 24 seven, but I’m picking up the strategies that I’m getting here in Arousr and being able to use them as an everyday life. Yeah, in camming You’re like a robot. you’re limited to a lot of the things you do. You’re just a dog is just like a jar, your tip jar.

Unknown Speaker  10:39

The weird thing, so it’s like, Yeah, exactly. Okay, so then now, what are your would you say are your top three most requested fetishes? Obviously, cuckolding would be one. Can you name two others that are really popular that you get requests for on the vaulting and dressing that?


Yeah, like, dress men dressing up. I mean, I love to watch it too. I’m gonna lie. Watch. It’s pretty fun to me. And it’s the moment that you can enjoy. Like, you can do this with your boyfriend with your spouse or whoever you have. So live the moment have fun. So those to another one. Test the chastity cages chastity. Yeah, yeah, testdb cages. So a lot of them want me to get in, get in a relationship with them, where I take where they go off for like two days. And then they come back and say, I haven’t taken it. I haven’t taken it off. Like I have videos where I have not taken it off. Or I have pictures where I have not taken it off in a row. So you can’t send videos or anything. So I can only I can only believe what they tell me. But I feel like that is one of the biggest barriers to a man having a tested a cage.


So top three fetishes cook holding caulk holding chastity, cage, holding back and suffocation. Those are the top three, you’d say the most popular. You’re getting requested on all Yes.

Mel, would you give any potential new chat hosts who are aware maybe considering coming to Arousr curious about what browser is? What advice would you give any new gal who’s thinking of signing up to the site.


Um, definitely get on the site, if you’re looking to grow, and actually make something out of the site. Don’t get on here trying to make money fast, because it can happen. But it will be a toll you get so many calls, you get so many messages. Sometimes you’ll get a message where you think someone wants to talk to you for 27 minutes, and you can see the little sign that says 27 minutes, and you start doing the most for that person because you think that that’s what you’re supposed to do. And you’re just like, I’m going to get paid those 27 minutes. So let me go ahead and do it. Do not come looking to get the coins fast, fast, fast. If you can come to have fun, come to have an experience and be ready to have an experience because it’s a lot going on. Um, if you have fun, you will enjoy it and you will make your coins Believe it or not. I am not on 24 seven, I do not say online. Every day of the week, I’m limited sometimes I don’t even get on for a whole week. But it’s because I have to find myself that this is what I want to do at that given time. I mentioned I worked as a webcam model as well. But it is not the same. If you’re working as a webcam model right now. I’m sure you would like Arousr a lot more. And you would have a lot more time for yourself. And if you have a family, you will have a lot of time for your family. Just not working as a webcam. I love Arousr. I love you guys.

I love the platform. And girls just come and join. It’s easy. It’s an easy deal. Yeah, just come to have fun. Don’t think about the money, the money will come as long as you’re having a good time and you’re engaged. It’s gonna happen you’re gonna make the money but you can’t think about how much you’re getting tipped and how much you’re gonna make in one day because it takes time to build a clientele and to build some regulars especially for someone newer coming from an alternative site but it can and does happen for many of our ladies, where they can make a consistent income working on Arousr, right?

And if you can’t, another thing that I’ve learned was that I was. I’m used to webcam and like I said, so I would ask if someone would say, Oh, can you send me send me a picture of this and send me a picture of that? I would automatically think like, well check me, you know, because it’s not so nice to see. Yes, yes, yes. Um, so somebody, I’m so used to someone tell me giving me a tip. So I can do something. So I will get so fresh. And I’m like, Well, take me. And after a while, I’ve noticed that don’t do that. Don’t ask for a tip. You don’t. You just don’t do that. You take your time, man, you enjoy the moment, and it will come like, welcome back, they will come and pay what they want to do with you. Yeah, it’s okay. Take your time.


Yeah, tease and take your time and tease and take your time. And, exactly, if you can be in a chat with someone, as long as you’re engaging with them, and get really taking an interest in getting to know them, they will tip you, you know, and you don’t have to send anything you don’t feel comfortable sending for free. We’re not promoting sending free images, either. We’re just saying take the time to get to know them, the more they get to know you, the longer they’re on a text or a call with you, the more they’re going to be inclined to send something to show their gratitude for your time. You know, at the end of the day, the guys are not dumb, they know how all works, you know, they know when they would tell you, some of them will tell you well, I know how this works, how much. And when they tell me that I say well, you know how this works, how much Goodbye, because I don’t want to hear it,


I don’t want to be told how much I’m gonna show my boobs for or how much you know, just yeah,


it’s the exact opposite of of camping, like the exact opposite. So, in short, how has Arousr personally changed your life in the past four to five months, since you’ve been using the platform.


Like I mentioned earlier, it has made me a lot more calmer, a lot more relaxed on my work. I am not rushing into getting something done anymore. Because I know that as long as I log into the app, something that’s going to be there, as long as I’m consistent, something that’s going to be there. I don’t have to worry about, like, right now I’m going to go camming and just in a couple of hours. So I don’t have to worry about I have to get ready at eight o’clock in the morning, finish my chores, cooking, make myself look good. And then be there at a certain time, like I have, I had been able to do so much. And I’m not saying I’m becoming a millionaire or anything like that. No, but it’s, it’s doing it for me. And I feel like I’m gonna continue to grow with it. Like, I feel like I’m in the I’m in the mood for it, you know. So therefore, I feel like this changed. A lot of me having more time for myself and just getting to know myself a lot more as a person are not just saying, I’m a robot on a screen all day.


So really helped balance that out for you and your lifestyle. So it can supplement the income you’re getting when you’re not on cam. And at the same time. It makes your mind work in a different way. When you’re using Arousr which opens up your you know, your mindset, basically to a whole whole other opportunities for yourself. You can think more because you’re not always on camera, which is the beauty of it all.

Have you ever chatted with a member that you find attractive? Have you ever found a hottie on browser?


I have. Sometimes I like those better. Come back, please.

I have a dislike, right? Why does it or rather, I’m not shaming Arousr or anything but sometimes, I feel like they should have that button where we can message the if we have contact somebody, we can message them back. Unfortunately, we don’t, which is okay, but I wait sometimes to where I’m like, I wonder if that person is going to come back ever again. Or man I should have maybe gave him my Instagram like he wanted to? Or maybe I should have done this, which I don’t. But you feel like you’re like wanting to do it. You know, you’ve made actions that are you know, turn you on where you’d be outside of if it was outside of Arousr. And you run into that person. And they’re like, are you Luxciousmel in the grocery store. You’d be like, Oh, yeah.


And then it leads me to my last question. Have you ever chatted with any celebrities, athletes, politicians or any sort of person with a public figure fame on Arousr Have you ever met anyone like that? Just curious.


Not that I know. But I would love to Come on, I’m hoping I will make sure to stay available.


Do you want to do a shout out? Who do you want to chat with on Arousr? What celebrity? If you had one celebrity? You could shout out right now? Who would it be?


Oh, William Levy.

Unknown Speaker  20:25

William Levy.


Yeah, he’s he’s a hot Latino man. Actor.


Yeah, actor, I think Yeah, he’s an accurate and something like this novellas. Man who so settled up.


Hold up. Let me do this because I don’t know this guy. Where are you from? Again, Mel.


I live in Florida.


Oh. I know this guy. Yeah, he’s a smoke show. I’ve seen him. I’ve seen him. He’s Yeah, that’s a good one girl. That’s a good. I didn’t know the name because he’s more big in the Latin American market, obviously, on all the novellas. But I’ve seen his eyes. He’s been in some American shit. Or something lately. Okay. That’s a good one. Girl. You have good. Fun. He wouldn’t be here. Rock. Yeah.


Okay, well, we’ll let it go on social media. We’ll tag them in your interview. We’ll see. Yeah. You’re so cool. Now. I think you’re just darling. And I can’t wait to see you more on the platform and see how well you do here with the company and you’re just great. You’re awesome. You did such an excellent job. I have another interview in literally three minutes. So I have to let you go.

Thank you, girl. You did super dope. And again, I’m always here for questions on social media. You can reach out to me directly through my through the Arousr network or any of my email so anything hit me up. I have your back. 100%.


Thank you so much. Welcome.


Thank you so much for tuning in today. We hope you had a great time. If you’d like to follow us. We’re on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Our addresses are in the description below. You can also hit up if you’d like to get to know any of our lovely chat hosts and have a good time have your own. Thanks again and we will talk to you soon. Till then stay kinky, my friends.

Sexy Chat

Sexy Chat

If you’ve always wanted to have a sexy chat but have never been able to pull it off, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are a lot of barriers to a successful sexting situation. Perhaps you’ve never found someone you trust. Or, maybe it’s difficult to tell when to escalate the conversation from friendly to flirty. Luckily, online chat sites can help mitigate these barriers. Once you’ve found someone to chat with and you’re ready to put your foot on the gas pedal, use the tips below to ensure you have a sexy chat—and not one that falls flat.

How to make chat sexier

When people think of sexting, they often compare it unfavorably to face-to-face sex. This means they are overlooking the countless benefits sexting offers—including the fact that it’s a healthy part of normal sexuality. Sure, in-person sex is great, but it has drawbacks, too. For instance, before you meet up with someone, you have to plan a date, make sure the date is fun, clean your house, shower and perhaps shave, and then if everything goes right, there’s a possibility the evening will end in sex. Ultimately, sex involves a lot of upfront work for a chance at a payoff.

Having a sexy chat, on the other hand, involves much less planning. And with spontaneity comes creativity. Much of the stimulation you feel when you’re sexting involves your imagination. What the two of you create together can be better than reality, and it doesn’t have to be entirely accurate. Instead of having sex in an untidy bedroom, you can toy with the idea of ravaging your sexting partner on a deserted beach or in the middle of a busy train station.

With sexting, as with pornography, you have full creative control, and therein lies the sexiness. You are in charge of what you disclose versus what you keep to yourself. Part of being human is being extraordinarily sexy and unsexy at the same time. When you have sex with someone, they are bound to find out that you get incredibly sweaty during sex or that you like to stop after thirty minutes for a mid-sex snack break. Whatever your particular quirks may be, you have the option to decide whether to leave them out or include them in your conversation. Instead, you can access your ideal sexual persona and embody someone you usually can’t in real life. Not only is this exciting, but it can also give you insight into how you’d like to show up in your sex life in the future.

Sex chatting means you’re not limited by reality. And that can make sex so much more fun, unconventional, and playful than it usually is.

Use Your Fantasies

Not only can you dream up new surroundings and roles during sexting, but you can also try new sexual activities. This process can even help you be a better lover in real life. Rather than diving into something that you are unfamiliar with, use sex chat to talk through the steps with someone. You’ll get a feel for their experience of an activity that’s new to you. And, if you eventually have sex with this person, you’ll have a better understanding of what kind of pace, rhythm, and pressure they like from what they said while they were sexting.

For instance, if you’ve always thought about trying anal, having a chat about it may help you realize that some people need a lot of warmup first. So, you won’t accidentally start too fast, cause someone pain, and potentially spoil the whole experience. Or, if you want to explore the idea of a threesome, a sexy chat about it can give you ideas for how it can go. Having a handful of ways to keep the third person engaged and busy is crucial for a successful threesome, and it can mean the difference between a night you’ll remember forever and one that you regret because someone felt left out.

Leave Your Inhibitions Behind

Sex chatting is a safe space in between reality and imagination. If you have a fantasy that you’d like to experiment with, but you’d never want it to happen in real life, sexting might be an ideal way to cross it off your bucket list. Many people have fantasies that are borderline extreme or taboo, and some would never want to experience them in person. But talking about what’s sexy about them with someone else can help you realize that these fantasies aren’t dangerous, and they are fun to play with in the abstract. Our culture often works to make us afraid of the parts of our sexualities that don’t exactly align with what’s considered “normal.” But, no one is completely normal, and fantasies that you don’t act upon are never something to be afraid of. In fact, they can make sexting hotter than you ever imagined.

Nothing Is Sexier Than Privacy

If you’re ready for a sexy chat and all you need is a partner, sign up for Arousr and meet our team of people who are waiting to chat with you.

How to Take and Send Nudes

It’s always fun to take nudes and send them out to horny girls. Being able to show yourself off is half of what sex is all about. You want to give them a good look at what you have to offer and maybe get something back in return. Of course, if you want to ensure that you’ll be getting back something good, you have to send something good in the first place. A crappy pic isn’t going to make anyone want to pull out all the stops when they reciprocate. Here are a few tips that you can use to make sure you send out the best pics.

Always Send Nudes Like a Pro

The single most overlooked aspect of any photo is always going to be the lighting. Just because it’s visible to you doesn’t mean that it’s going to be visible to the camera. It also doesn’t mean that it’s going to look good. You want to be able to accent the features you like and darken the ones you don’t. A simple lamp can get you where you want to go here. Play around with it before you start sending anything off. The person receiving them will be happy to get a pic that they don’t have to strain to see.

The Background Matters

Don’t be like those people who take nudes of themselves with no regard for what’s behind them. It never works out well. It doesn’t matter where you are when you take your pics, just make sure the camera isn‘t facing anything gross. You never want a toilet in the shot. Just think about what the other person is going to associate with you. You never want anything dirty, and that includes your room. If all else fails, just shoot yourself in front of a plain wall and save yourself the embarrassment of sharing your filth.

Use a Mirror If You Can

Not everyone has a full length mirror that they can use, but if you do, make sure you take advantage of it. It’s even better if you can adjust it. Tilting a mirror one way or another will make you look taller or shorter, depending on what you’re going for. You can also use it to make sure you look the way you want before you capture yourself and send it off. If you look good to yourself, you’ll look good to the person getting your nude.

Send it Through a Good Service

How you send your nude is just as important as what you send. You don’t want to just send it out through text when you have better options. A site like Arousr is going to make it as easy as possible to send out your nudes. You’ll never have to worry about the wrong people seeing them. It’s also great if you don’t have anyone to send them to. There are plenty of girls sharing sexy selfies who just want to show themselves off and be seen by anyone who wants to play.

Compliment the Nudes You Get

Finally, one of the main reasons behind sending a nude is getting a nude. Once that happens, you want to make sure that you compliment the person sending it. Don’t just get it and never mention it again. Make sure you take the time to tell them how great it is and how much you enjoy looking at it. It will give them a reason to send more nudes to you in the future. It’s the best way to make sure that you can have all of the sex you want, even when you’re not physically having it.