I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!

Throughout the ages since the beginning of recorded time, women have always been in a subservient role in society.  It was not until 1920 that women received the right to vote. This was after a seventy-year struggle to have the 19th amendment ratified. It’s plain to see why many women try to advance themselves into female dominance role. It places them in control over their male counterparts. What is it about women in positions of authority that turn some men on?  Perhaps they just like a women telling them what to do. Whatever the reason, Arousr’s sensous & naughty girls are eagerly awaiting to make you beg for what you want.

Nothing is sexier than a women in charge, for these fetishists.

Female dominance or also referred to as femdom is an ever growing segment in the BDSM culture. It currently boasts over thirty percent of participants and expanding more everyday. Fortunately for these ladies there is also many members who are into being submissive, cuckold or dominated by a strong willed women. Everyday we have exceedingly more sexy girls joining Arousr who not only enjoy making men succumb to their mercy, but actively participate in this fetish in their own personal lives.

Dominance is a powerful force in any relationship, and it can be especially thrilling in the realm of sexuality. Arousr’s domination chat offers an opportunity to explore this dynamic with someone who understands it intimately. Whether you’re curious about being submissive or you already know you crave domination, Arousr’s skilled and experienced dominas can guide you through the experience. With their help, you can discover new levels of pleasure and push boundaries you may never have thought possible. So if you’re ready to unleash your inner submissive or dominant, Arousr is the perfect place to do it.

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  • Female: how many times did you jerk off again when you couldn’t get it up afterwards?
  • Female: be gentle with it and your cock will last a lifetime 😀
  • SissySub: I know right. In total, I’d say at least 50+ times
  • Female: omg! no wonder it didn’t want to stand up again
  • Female: it just needed a rest lol
  • SissySub: You know what. I’m not going to jerk off anymore until you say it’s ok. my cock belongs to you.
  • Female: aww you say the sweetest things 🙂
  • Female: you’re still my bitch hehe
  • SissySub: I hope I am 🙂
  • Female: you totally are 😀
  • SissySub: I’m glad
  • Female: what if I told you to stroke it now?
  • SissySub: Then I would do it
  • Female: Then quickly do it for me now 😀
  • SissySub: Yes