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Application Guidelines for Chat Hosts

Please read these guidelines before proceeding with application.  Following these will maximize your chances of being selected!  Please make sure you have all required documents ready before you proceed with application.

Photos (3 minimum)

Your application success will largely depend on the quality of the photos you will submit and the adherence to these guidelines!

Photo Guidelines

  • We must see your face in all pictures
  • Face-only pictures are not acceptable. We require pictures that show you at minimum from the waist up. Full body is preferred.
  • Body parts only is not acceptable
  • You must be the only person on the image.  This means, no pictures of you and your friends.
  • All pictures need to be different, with a different outfit.  If you submit the same picture multiple times your application will be rejected.
  • Fully clothed images are not acceptable (This is an adult service!). Here are some recommendations on outfits
    – Bikini
    – Lingerie
    – Panties and top
    – Implied nude

Verification Picture (1)

We require you to provide a picture than proves us you are the same person than the one who appears in the pictures. Just take a snapshot of yourself holding a paper where ‘AROUSR’ was manually written. Alternatively you can write ‘AROUSR’ on your body. On both cases we need to see your face. Don’t use Photoshop or another program to add ‘AROUSR’ to an existing photo as this will be immediately rejected.

Official ID

Since Arousr is an adult service, we need you to provide us with official identification documents that proves you are 18+. We accept Drivers License and Passports. You will need to provide clear snapshots of both sides of the document. You will not be allowed to work on the platform until we have these documents in hands.

Videos (2)

Videos are a powerful way to make a connection with your potential customers. Therefore we require that you submit 2 short clips to introduce yourself. You can simply shoot them using your phone. Just put a sexy outfit on, a smile on your face and greet users

“Hey, I’m (your name on Arousr). If you want to chat with me just hit me up!”


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