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AROUSR is a service for Adults, by Adults only. We believe that consenting adults have the right to connect with each other to talk about subjects relating to sexuality and relationships.

We strictly forbid access to minors as this would be inappropriate and illegal. This is why we restrict access to adults 18 years and older. Users are required to confirm that they are 18+ before they are allowed to open an account and before they are exposed to any explicit content on our part.

Model Verification

1. All chat hosts are required to provide a government-issued ID such as Passport or Driver’s License, proving that they are 18+ before being employed by AROUSR. We do keep a copy these documents at our offices for privacy reasons.

2. In addition, we require chat hosts to submit their ID for verification to Yoti which validates that the provided documents are genuine by comparing them with Governments Databases. If the ID is declined, the host cannot work with us.

3. Payments are only issued directly to the individual that has been verified. The ID and name on Bank Account must be the same.

Access to the service

This site has been tagged with RTA label to be detected by parental monitoring software and blocked from minors. More info can be found on the RTA site.

You can block a particular phone number from accessing our services. You will need to provide your relationship status with the person using this number. Please follow this link

Any suggestion? Contact us [email protected]

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