All Credit Card Purchases will discreetly appear as TELEPASS.CC on your statement.


You only pay when you decide to actually purchase credits.


There are no recurring invoices or subscriptions methods at the current time. However, you can purchase credits using the ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT methods below. Unfortunately, while we would like to offer a number of additional billing methods and payment options, we currently have no control over some of them. They are not always allowed by banks and governments in certain regions of the world, are third-party billing and have their own regulations and/or they are not suitable for our discreet system.


While we try our best to offer as many payment options as we can, we are somewhat limited when it comes to a number of them. Options that we do have are developed or based on laws and regulations for each individual country.


Arousr is committed to adhering to safe and legal practices as is outlined in our privacy policy.


We are constantly seeking to find new billing methods to help make it easier and more accessible for our clients  to make payments and it is advised that you refer to this page often to keep updated on whether or not our billing methods have changed or been updated.


In the future, we are hoping to implement several other payment options such as cards and other Internet easy payments, however, in the meantime we do offer the following depending on the country in which you reside:



** Bitcoin is available to US residents Only





(*) Please contact us for details – these options are not instantaneous and it may take several days for funds to be accredited to your account.  However, these are the best option for US or other residents without a credit card.










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