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What happens between you and our chat hosts is strictly confidential. We have been in this business for 12 years and understand that protecting our customers’ personal information is key.

We will not tell anyone what you do or say here and we do not judge anyone’s preferences. See a list of perfectly acceptable fetishes you can explore with us. This is your private sanctuary, and no one may access it at any time. However, we do have a list of forbidden topics, which you can find in our Terms and Conditions.

Chat hosts cannot see your phone number, real name, identity or anything that can help them identify you (unless you give them the information yourself of course!)

Purchases with Credit Cards will discreetly appear as TELEPASS.CC on your bills. There is no reference to adult services on this site so please note this address so you will recognize it when you receive your credit card bill.

Happy Chatting!

For more details please refer to our Privacy Policy

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