AROUSR is a mobile chat service where customers can connect with real, live chat hosts to share fantasies, pictures, video clips and more.


We currently have 3 offers for Affiliates


  1. $25/conversion – You can earn $25.00 per conversion*
  2. $1.00/sign up (CPA) + $10.00/conversion* – You earn $1.00 per free trial account (SMS PIN submit) + $10.00 when customer converts*
  3. 20% Revshare – You earn 20% of referred customers spending


*A conversion occurs when a customer purchases credits for the first time) 


We pay monthly via Direct Deposit (Min. $100) or Wire Transfer (Min. $1000).


At this moment we pay for traffic for the following geographical areas:



– Canada

– United Kingdom


Please note: This is a mobile service so MOBILE TRAFFIC converts very well. Desktop and Tablet traffic will not convert much.  




1) Are the girls real or is it some autoresponder or virtual bots or cupids like other dating sites?
A. 100% real girls working with us. Our’s is a real and legit service.  These women are paid hosts.


2) User has to download the application or can text with own mobile?
A. The user doesn’t need to download the application. They can just join the site on mobile and text the girl’s number from a regular phone.


3) Are the leads SOI or DOI.
A. What we run are mobile pin submits. NO EMAIL is involved in the procedure atm. Users just need to submit their mobile number and set a pin, and need to enter the pin he receives on mobile.


4) Will the girls be interested in real life meet or call/videos.
A. Some of the girls who work with us do video calls or phone erotic calls but none of them are interested in hookups or allowed to meet for real. We are strictly a sexting platform and not a fake dating site vouching for hookups.


5) What are the promo tools available.
A. We have banners/landing pages and custom creatives available on request. Also if you have ways to promote mobile numbers online or offline, we can provide that too, if your plan makes sense.


6) Traffic sources accepted
A. We accept all traffic sources except mail and sms spam. Incentivized traffic is forbidden as well.


7) Most revenue generating model
Revenue share is the most advisable method for affiliates who want to earn long lasting, full time income.



Any questions? Contact [email protected] or via Skype at [email protected]



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