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Mature Sexting Example:

  • Lady: DAMN Is that all yours? It’s huge
  • Lady: How big is that cock?
  • Sexy: Yes I can, and it’s almost 8 inches
  • Lady: What were we talking about… so distracted by your huge cock!
  • Lady: Hell yes… I wanna take that big cock doggy style
  • Sexy: Can I see a pic of your ass?
  • Lady: You like this ass… wanna slide that big cock inside
  • Sexy: Wow that is a nice ass, but how about I eat your pussy first
  • Lady: My pussy is soaking wet use my juices to wet my ass
  • Sexy: Can I see a pic of your pussy
  • Lady: Mmm you wanna see what you are going to lick
  • Sexy: Yes, I would love too
  • Lady: Here’s a little sneak peek… lick my soaking wet finger!
  • Sexy: Love tasting your wet pussy juice off your finger
  • Lady: Hell yes maybe even share my finger with me
  • Sexy: Mmm that would be hot
  • Lady: Then I would push your head down and make you eat my pussy
  • Sexy: I’d bury my face in your pussy licking all over and rubbing your clit
  • Lady: Fuck yes I’m moaning and pushing your head into it eat it good make me cum hard
  • Lady: Fuck that’s it I scream… I’m fucking cumming!
  • Sexy: Yes babe, I don’t stop licking as you cum so hard
  • Sexy: I love the taste of your pussy juice in my mouth… Wanna kiss me and taste it?
  • Lady: I do and I want to lick your face
  • Sexy: That’s really hot
  • Lady: Think that big cock of yours will fit in my tight little pussy
  • Sexy: It’ll be a tight fit
  • Lady: Oh I bet you love stretching tight pussy’s out, don’t you?

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