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How to Sext Like a Sex God

By ArousrAdmin 17/09/15

As a woman, I can throw out a whole laundry list of the ways I like and don’t like the way men sext. Luckily, my lover really knows what he’s doing in that department. For us, sexting usually leads to phone sex, Skype sex or “I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” sex.


How we sext works for us. Since he’s my personal sex god and I’m a little biased (okay, a lot biased), I reached out to a couple of guys I know for some tips on how to sext like a sex god.


These sexperts know more than a few things about sexting and I thought I would “probe” them for some inspiration:


Charlie Glickman, Certified Sex Educator – For men, it’s often easier to focus on the specific act and describe (in varying amounts of detail) what they want to do. A lot of women enjoy it more when there’s also a mention of how things feel. This could be an expression of love or tenderness. It could be something like, “I love when your body opens up to me and tells me that you want more.” It doesn’t have to be an expression of undying passion or lifetime commitment, but including messages that have an emotional component keeps it from sounding like a laundry list of sex acts, and that makes it much sexier.


Hercules Liotard, Sex, Intimacy and Relationship Educator – Sexting is a way to be flirtatious (a form of verbal foreplay) with the person you are interested in. Remember though most of the people who are sexting with are also looking to connect physically, so make your intentions clearer about that or they may just move on or worse want to move in.


Don’t be a dick!


Justin, Sex Blogger, Just_Indecerous The first rule of the Internet applies, and that is don’t be a dick! Have an understanding of the person you are sexting with. Do they like short, crude messages about what you want to do or are doing? Or perhaps do they prefer a more teasing wordplay approach with some double entendres. There’s nothing worse than saying, “I want to ram my hard penis down your tight…,” to a person who doesn’t respond to that type of dirty talk. Actually, there is one thing worse, and that would be sending unsolicited “dick pics.” If you can’t get a response with just your words, then a picture isn’t going to win anyone over, ever.


Lance Vanguard, Sex Blogger, Modern Mandingo Guys, remember that the things we get turned on by don’t turn on women. We’re visual creatures that are easy to stimulate, but women need more than that. Don’t rush the conversation into filth and a slideshow of dick pics. Follow her lead and enjoy the chat without any expectations. She’ll appreciate you for it and you might just get what you want.


Granted, when you’re in the mood to sext, your gonads are already going into overdrive and all you’re focused on is getting turned on and getting off. By flipping the switch to what a woman wants will get her more involved, enthusiastic and interactive. It will turn a sweet little woman into a roaring tiger. It will also make sexting much more enjoyable for you. My friends may not be James Bond or Hugh Hefner, but what they recommend is what the 007 and Playboy personas are all about.


AROUSR is a great place to try out your sex god sexting, phone sex or Skype sex skills. Chat up one of the chat hosts and see how it goes. They may be happy to let you know how you did and offer some tips of their own.


Got any questions or sexting tips of your own? Share them in the Comments section or at @arousr on Twitter.


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