The Ultimate Sissy Training with PenelopePoppin

Dan was my first paying customer. We met shortly after I had posted my first few items in my shop on an online panty selling site. Second thoughts and the “what ifs” had me thinking about pulling the plug until an actual buyer named Dan sent me a msg. Dan and I hit it off immediately exchanging sexy text and pics. He purchased two pairs of my undies very shortly after we discussed a few details. Our convos to follow, however, were not included in the deal, but just organically came about.

Dan likes to have someone else (in this case me) be the key-keeper to his chastity belt. I tell him when and how he can use his cock. Pics and videos were sent on command, so I could see with my own eyes exactly what MY dick was doing at all times. I’m definitely more into pleasure than pain, so believe me when I say I didn’t always make Dan keep his dick locked up in his cage. Dan found pleasure in it both being locked away as well as out, but under my control of course. He particularly enjoyed when I’d make him tie a pair of panties around his dick and balls really tightly and then he would paddle the head of his penis. With each smack to the tip of his dick, he’d have to say “Thank you, Penelope”.

He followed instructions well and was blown away by the chemistry we had with one another while engaging in our fun. Even more, blown away though was me. I was so turned on by being in control of him. I loved how intense our convos got and just thinking about it right now I could almost cum. We developed a much deeper genuine connection with one another on truly one of the most intimate levels. Panty Man Dan and I still remain friends to this day and even though I’m no longer the keeper of his key, we will always have our memories.


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