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Is Overwatching Porn Shrinking your Libido?

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Is Overwatching Porn Shrinking your Libido?

Hi, I’m Elaine S Turner, the resident sexologist for arousr. And in my sex logical opinion, yes.

The overconsumption of porn can lead to loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and delayed orgasms. So video pornography specifically causes your brain to make too much feel good pleasure chemical, also known as dopamine.

Also, it creates unrealistic sexual expectation for alternatives to watching porn using erotic novels, developing their own fantasies and using porn as inspiration and then going off to masturbate on your you can also use sexting platforms much like arousr has, those are completely healthy sexual outlets that you aren’t going to form that chemical dependency on.

Can Sex Chat improve your Sex Life?

Can sex chat improve your sex life?

Hi, I’m Elaine s Turner, and I’m the resident sexologist for arousr. And it may not come as a surprise to you, but I’m very pro sex chat, I think it can really benefit your sex life. And that’s for a few different reasons.

The first one is kink. Being in a sex chat format means that you feel safe, and that you get to explore your kink from the safety of behind a screen with someone else. So you get to really tune into your fantasies and explore what turns you on and what gets you going.

Another reason I believe sex chat can improve your sex life is that you don’t have the pressure of performance anxiety weighing you down. Sexual Performance is a really big part of coupled sex with between two or more people. But behind the screen again, you can have that 12 inch throbbing cock that you’ve always wanted, when in reality, that may not be what you’re working with.

And that’s okay sex chatting is all about exploring what you want and who you believe your sexual identity to be. So start chatting and have some fun

Why do I enjoy showing my micro penis online? (SPH Kink)

Why do you enjoy showing your micro penis online?

Hi, I’m Elaine s Turner and I’m the resident sexologist for arousr.

I want to talk to you today about why you might enjoy showing your micro penis off on the internet. So a really big aspect of micro penises is the fact that they’re much smaller than the average. Showing off a micro penis is often part of a humiliation, kink or fetish and humiliation is incredibly popular specifically, SPH, small penis humiliation. Some reasons you might enjoy showing your micro penis online include confidence in anonymity, no one knows it’s your penis. It’s dressed out there for the world to see and you’re tired of hiding it. And that’s wonderful. You also might get off on being an exhibitionist. Exhibitionism is when you enjoy other people being surprised or aroused at what you’re doing sexually. So, in my opinion, congratulations on finding your kink and what gets you off, more power to you.

I dream about Other Men. Am I Gay? – Sex Chat with Elaine

I Have Sex Dreams about Other Men. Am I Gay?

Hi! I’m Elaine S. Turner, the Resident Sexologist for and don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that odds are your sex dreams about other men have nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

Sexuality and sexual orientation is a spectrum. Dr.Alfred Kinsey found that no one is really completely straight or completely gay, there’s a scale of zero to six and everyone falls somewhere along that spectrum. That doesn’t mean that you’re gay, it just means that you are sexually aware of irrelevant material. Same as your erections. They actually happen because your brain deduces that something is sexually relevant. Now, wherever you fall on that sexuality and orientation scale, that’s your business. But, your dreams don’t mean anything about your orientation unless you want them to.

What is feederism? – Sex Chat with Elaine

What is feederism?

If the idea of a voluptuous woman with perfect curves stuffing her face with decadent desserts gets you going, you might be into feederism.

Hi, I’m Elaine Turner, the resident sexologist for arousr. And I want to talk to you today about why you love watching women gain weight.

Feederism has been described as a fat fetish focused on erotic eating, and someone gaining weight in these relationships. There’s the feeder and the feedee. And both people get a sense of erotic enjoyment out of the feeding or being fed process. In the kink focused book tell me what you want, there was a survey of over 4000 Americans done about their fetishes. And somewhere between 13 and 19% of participants indicated that they had fantasized about erotic eating. That’s a pretty big percentage.

If feederism is your kink, then you could get sexual pleasure from a few different aspects of this. It could be that you enjoy feeding someone it could be that you enjoy eating specific foods in relation to sex. Or it could be that you like seeing a very specific body part gain weight over time. A core central theory for why people are into eroticism is because being overweight or fat is considered some version of being deviant or taboo.

At the end of the day. It’s all about whatever gets your rocks off and whatever brings you erotic enjoyment. So as a sexologist, I say congratulations on finding your kink. You’ve done something some people spend their whole lives looking for. Stay tuned for more kinky education on arousr.