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Adult Chat with Random Partners using a mobile phone via texting, phone calls or video chat.

Sissy Training & Roleplay with Sex Chat Host Mamasitabeso.

Sissy Training & Roleplay with Sex Chat Host Mamasitabeso.

An intimate interview with an Adult Chat Expert.


FemmeFatale 0:07
So I want you to introduce yourself What is your name on a browser? What is your chat hostname? How can people found find you on the app? Oh my cha hostname is mama Sita pestle and how long in a chat host on the arouser platform? Um, I think it’s been about two months months Okay, so you’re pretty new. Yeah, I’m a new fresh man. Are you having a good time?

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Yeah, definitely. Like Like a busy lots of different people and kinky stuffs.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
Okay, so so far you’re two months on rouser. What would you say is the strangest weirdest kinkiest thing you’ve had requested thus far by one of our lovely members on our platform for you?

Unknown Speaker 1:06
I mean, being like a few kinky stuff, but the most weirdest y thing is like a few dude is like putting female lounging and bra. Okay, so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:23
they want you to be in a bra sitting on a chair lounging, relaxing.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
No like the woods like put some lounging like, pink lace bra and panty on themself.

Unknown Speaker 1:40
Oh the men wanted to stress and want you to tell them what to wear. And they want to dress up and woman feminine clothing feminine undergarments specifically more like lingerie correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:53
Yeah, and he also wants me put something like that and we dressing up like this together.

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Oh like girlfriends almost like your girls together like two girlfriends dressing up in lingerie being very feminine at the same time. And have gambang with guys and have a gangbang with guys as well. Yes up and then he wants you to dress up at the same time. He’s dressing up in women’s lingerie. And then he wants to fantasize about having a gangbang with other men as he’s dressed up in women’s lingerie. Correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:30
Yeah, and me and he both dressing up in women’s lounger have gambled with big dudes. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:38
and then are you doing this on video or through sexting? On sexting and sexting. Okay, and then are you sending him pictures of you dressing up in certain outfits through the chat?

Unknown Speaker 2:51
I do send his pictures when I was adjusting with sexy lounges and bra. Yeah, and khaki pants get turned on? And does he send you pictures of him in the in his own lingerie as well? Definitely is one of his fantasy. I mean, I don’t even need to ask him to send it. Like as his priority. Yeah. He really

Unknown Speaker 3:18
gets off on you watching him seeing him in this rhotic state of his. Yeah, he loves it. So how do you feel about

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Shut Up and Pay Me!

Shut Up and Pay Me!

Shut Up and Pay Me… These four words are never spoken softly and never feel good to hear. It means the end/beginning of a business transaction that is not ending/beginning very nicely. Especially when it comes from someone who gets paid to be your fantasy and escape from all the displeasures of the real world. With what can easily seem like half of the internet now making money selling adult content online, it also seems that the attitude most of these content creators (both women/men) uphold is that of the old guard. Also known as Stripper Logic.

 Stripper logic refers to a train of thought that puts the performer in a hierarchy over their audience. They are no longer just a performer there to fulfill the client’s needs in a business transaction. They are now somehow better than the audience that pays money to see them. The client, in the performer’s eyes, is desperate (borderline loser), so desperate in fact that they have to pay to get their needs met and the performer is now in a position of power because of it. In the adult industry, you see this happen much sooner and quicker to performers than say mainstream modeling/acting. By performers exposing their bodies they often feel that they need to hold back exposing what’s truly on their mind. It’s a protective mechanism that often comes off as defensive. 

Ever heard the saying “You can have my body but you cannot have my soul”? It’s not at all dissimilar to that. Today we will discuss how an adult creator can easily get into this mindset and why there are better alternatives to this type of behavior than being in adult work solely for the money.

Why do adult creators get bitter?

There are many reasons that contribute to the “Shut up and Pay Me” attitude. The most relevant and popular factor at this moment are sites like Only Fans that make creators market their own content to their own audience. In this business model unless the creator has garnered some sort of internet/celebrity fame before trying to market their content for sale they often fail to make a full-time living from said content.

Creators will find themselves overextending what their bodies can do or pushing their own physical boundaries just to make quick sales. The lack of planning, understanding of the adult industry as a whole, long-term strategy, and sometimes pure desperation for an ego boost, likes, and money all coagulate into a burnt-out performer before they have even hit their stride.

This burnout is also seen with many cam performers. Cam girls may not be required to market themselves as heavily to get traffic to their rooms on the multitude of sites there now are to choose from but, they have to work 8-16 hour shifts just to make a living. Due to a steady increase in webcam performers over the decades, performers have to work 10x harder than ever to get paid to be naked (or perform sexual acts) yet very few are getting rich or making 6 digits a year. At this same time, they are giving everything they have from a physical standpoint just to break even while re-investing a good quarter of their earnings into higher-tech and wardrobe options for the never-ending stream of random clients who log on each day to watch girls for free. 

This is exactly where the Stripper Logic barrier comes in between getting paid and connecting with your audience. It gets harder for a performer to even want to connect and engage with any individual in their audience on Social Media when you are not getting paid directly for that time. This then becomes an attitude where if you are not paying me for my time, at all times, you are not worthy of my time. Now, this model actually works when you are a hardcore Dominatrix but not everyone is cut out to be a Domme. Most who claim to be Internet Domme’s have not invested enough time and dedication into that craft to even look the part, let alone truly be able to midfuck any man into total submission. 

What’s the Alternative?

Hundreds of thousands of women enter the adult world on a daily basis. This number is only going to increase due to things like a pandemic rendering service workers unemployed, the internet now becoming a permanent fixture in our lives, and the constant need for sexual gratification. This means that it’s harder and harder to get attention, find an audience, and get paid, no matter what business you are in.

The long-term solution to the “Shut up and pay me” attitude, the ego, the thirst trap photos just for likes or in hopes of making a single sale for the day is to concentrate more on connection. The very thing most adult performers do not want to do is exactly what will keep them having a sustainable career for the long haul.

Arousr is a heavily text-based platform that has been around since the early 2000s. There’s a good reason for that, it’s because of the fact that Arousr is heavily based around a text-based connection (while also having the video/phone chat options) that is has stood the test of time. It’s not about getting tipped in the quickest amount of time possible by total strangers, getting subscribers, or shamelessly marketing yourself 24/7 on your social media pages. It’s about having enough intellect, curiosity about sex/kink, and compassion for another human being in order to succeed. 

The long-term game we all need to be playing is empathy, regardless of what business you are in if you truly want to succeed.

Roulette Hour – Earn Money from Free Video Chats

Introducing Roulette Hour – Get paid for Free Video Calls

Starting Oct 26, We will be launching the Roulette Hour promotion which will happen daily from 8:00PM to 10:00PM (EST).

The goal of Roulette Hour is to give an opportunity to both Hosts and Members meet at the same time

How this works.

  • Between 8:00PM to 10:00PM (EST) every day, arousr members can have 5 free X 1 minute video calls per day (10 for premium members)
  • When you log in Roulette as host during Roulette Hour, you earn $0.50 per free chat session (1 minute per session) + your regular Video Call rate when sessions are extended (lasting more than 1 minute). These earnings are added to your balance and paid on your next payout.
  • The first 250 free sessions/day are paid to hosts (250 sessions on the platform overall).  Once members got the 250 free sessions for the day, the promo stops and resumes the next day.
  • This is a great way to earn money on video while building a regular clientele.


  • For a free session to be paid, you must not close the session from your side (‘skip’).  It will stop automatically after 1 minute anyway.
  • No nudity in Free Sessions.

When does this start?

  • We are aiming for Tuesday Oct. 26. A notification will be sent one day before this goes live.