Alternative Payment Methods

If you do not have a credit card or want more discreet payment options, we do accept the Alternative Payment Methods outlined on this page and throughout the entire website.


If you choose to use these alternative payment methods we must advise you that it may take a day or two in order to receive the payments and credit your account because they involve the use of third party establishments and we have no control over how long they will take to process payments.


When the payment is received and processed by our financial administration department we will then apply the credits to your account and you will be able to chat, text and video chat as you normally would with your favourite chat host. Remember to always “top up” your account when your credits are getting low so they are always available when you need them the most!  We suggest keeping a minimum amount of credits in your account that you think you may need at all times, then you will always be ready to connect with your favorite hotties anytime of the day or night.


Isn’t that what sexting is all about after all?  Direct and instant connections?  You wouldn’t want to miss out on something great just because you added your payments late, so just make sure to reload & unload often. 🙂


Available Alternative Payments for Global Members are:


Please contact us at [email protected] for instructions on how to send money this way.


To see the options available for CANADA click here.


We are always working on ways to make payments easier and more accessible for clients all over the globe, and hopefully, somewhere in the distant future we will be able to add bitcoin or other payment methods to the ones we already have. Currently, we have some specific options for UK, USA and Canada and you can view these on their respective payments pages.


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